Al Qaeda in Iraq Leader Dead  

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6/8/2006 11:34 am

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Al Qaeda in Iraq Leader Dead

President Bush has confirmed that Al Zarqawi, the self declared leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda in Iraq is dead. Its confirmed by finger prints and scars. Its a 100% confirmation. Better yet through several simultanious raids, American and Iraqi forces collected a "treasure trove" of intel. to be asessed and used. Osama Bin Laden was the only person more wanted than Al Zarqawi.

Al Zarqawi is responsible for car bombings, shootings and beheadings. He also fueled hatred and sectarian violence. I think a little poetic justice is in order based on how he was found and killed. Apparently American forces followed his spiritual advisor for more than two weeks right to his location. Does that mean his god wanted him dead? Who knows, but I have always been a fan of letting the other poor bastard die for his country if one of us has to die.

This is a major victory of one battle in the war over Iraq. But we can't let this fool us into complacency. Even today after his death more car bombs detenated killing another 19.

My question is, will his death make a difference one way or another? The violence will continue. Will it be abated, increased or stay the same. This is being touted as a huge blow to the Iraqi terrorists. If it doesn't end up making a difference what then?

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