AFF or WORK???  

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5/25/2006 6:41 pm

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AFF or WORK???

So I should really mention that a couple of very important things happened to me in my life about one month ago. First of all, I by choice became unemployed. I was navy for five years, starting in Feb 2001 and ending 27 Apr 2006 ( yes I will always remember that day as a holiday Civilian Day). Secondly I discovered AdultFriendFinder. I can hear the cheers, the ooh's and aah's now, with the mixed in "its about f'n time buddy".

So is it coincidence or cosmic alignment that caused me to discover one after I shed another??? I prefer divine intervention although I can't pin point it yet.

So I have come to the conclusion that AdultFriendFinder is way more fun than work. I have to admit that I have no incentive or need to go back to work anytime soon (no I don't live at home) so I find myself learning and enjoying everything it has to offer. Will a time come when I have to pick between AdultFriendFinder (my guilty little mistress) and a real job (ok mom)??? Nope! Not a chance! Not happening, thank you for trying. Yes I will have a career but I will always keep AdultFriendFinder as a part time job that pays in better ways than money.

So my question to the almost 23 million members (put that in the bible belt and stuff it) is... how much time do you spend on AdultFriendFinder a day week and what do you value more, sexy and sleek AdultFriendFinder or big ugly daily job???

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