feeling a little better  

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6/15/2006 2:47 pm
feeling a little better

Would feel a lot better if I was in a man's strong arms right now. Waiting for dinner to be done, we cook it together.
As we are waiting , he kisses me deep and demanding as his hand roam my tits , pinching and squeezing each nipple through my top then he takes it off. Bends his head to where can suck and bite and nibble on each nipple - MMMMMMMMMM.
He hands work their way to take off my shorts. I have on thongs and he pushes the material aside so he can feel my wet spot with 2 then 4 fingers. MMMMMMMMMMM me, moaning as he makes me cum hard on his fingers. then pushes me to the floor , spreading my legs , eating me out til I squirt on his tongue.
I moan "OH BABY PLEASE FUCK ME !!!!!!!" , he growls as he cums up to kiss me , sharing my juices with me. My hands wonder all over his chest , then to pull off his shorts and underwear. His cock hard in my hands finds its way into my hot spot. Not stopping as he kisses me. He pumps hard and fast bringing me to the edge then stopping to slow , deep pumps. I buck my hips up as I bite his lips.
His hands run down under my ass as he raises my hips up bringing my legs over his shoulders. He isnt kissing me anymore. I am moaning and screaming as his hard cock teases my clit and he smacks my ass. I beg him "PLEASE BABY CUM INSIDE OF ME NOW!!!!!!' .
He growls as we finally explode together. He lays on top of me til I move him off. I go down and start licking and sucking his cock clean of our mixed juices. I cum back up and lay on top of him. He looks me deep in my eyes then kisses me tasting our juices on my tongue.
I moan as I get so hot again but the timer goes off and dinner is ready. We get up and clean up as we get ready to eat - but what ? Dinner or Each Other ???????????????

"I will let your imagination take over from here - ENJOY "
"All My Best and Good Luck to All , Linda"

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