What A Wonderful Feeling ?  

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7/13/2006 12:48 pm

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What A Wonderful Feeling ?

Start with kisses to burn your skin , holding and hugging each other tight. Feel the passion building up but holding off of becoming one with another. You suck my nipples til they ache. I run my tongue lightly over your little nipples. You moan as my tongue finds its way to your hard awaiting throbbing cock. But , I take my time. I taunt and tease the head of your cock.

Not rushing but building the fire of passion and desire to the point of no return.

Your turn , you lay me on my back. Take your time to taunt and tease my aching body. You run little kisses down to my hot aching hot spot. I moan as I feel your breath right on the spot. But no touching is needed. I feel you ease one , yes one finger brings me to your beckon call.

You then , slide up kissing my body once more as you slide your hard throbbing cock into my hot awaiting hot spot. You growl as my legs lock together on your back , driving and begging you deeper please as you complete me. As we become one with another. Your breath comes harder as I nipple and bite little bites onto your shoulders. You look into my eyes. OH MY ! The Passion , Want and Desire I see in your eyes sends chills to my hot spot. I moan as I feel myself explode all over your hard throbbing cock.

You hold off but not much longer. I feel your body tense up as you explode your load deep inside the walls of my hot spot. Your sweaty body lays on mine. Your arms around me as mine around yours. You slide off my body , we lay there no words are needed. We drift in and out of peace state of minds..

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