Under the moon to under the raising sun  

sexymom20069 49F
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7/16/2006 12:54 am
Under the moon to under the raising sun

Under the moon to under the raising sun

Its 5:45 am and we are under the moon laying on a sleeping bag. We are laying side by side , touching , teasing each other. You pull me on top of you. Your hard throbbing cock enters my hot spot with ease. You hold on to my hips as I rock back and forth. You turn me around so I can lay my back onto you with your cock still inside of me. The stars above us look so bright - I see a falling star and make a wish that this feeling of happiness will never end.

Your hands roam my body so with soft , light touches. One starts playing with my clit as I moan that I am cumming. Your touches drive me wild. I squirt onto your hard cock. You have me lay on my back so you can enter me and see the pleasure you give me so much of.

You slide in , pump fast then slow , slow then fast. You hold onto me as you and I explode together. Our bodies shake , you moan into my ear as you lay on top of me for a few.
Then I have you move off of me as the sun comes up. We lay and watch the sun raise together. Oh what a beautiful end to a beautiful beginning but it doesn't end there. We get up and go back into the house.


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