Thoughts before I go to bed - Enjoy  

sexymom20069 49F
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6/14/2006 8:37 pm
Thoughts before I go to bed - Enjoy

A nice walk along the dam across the lake. A hug and kiss to start with. Lean me up against the railing. Work a few fingers into my hot wet pussy - MMMMMMMMMMM baby feels so good. You make me cum a few times. Then bring your fingers to my mouth and watch me lick and suck them clean.
It turns you on seeing love my own taste. You moan and I take it as a hint. We go down one layer of the dam . I sit on some steps as I unzip your jeans and start licking and sucking you soft then as hard as you can take it. You moan "OH BABY , Love the way you do that." MMMMMMMM you finally cum in my mouth as you are grabbing my nipples. You look down at me as you watch me swallow it all.
Then we go back to your car , go back to your place for some passionate love making.


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