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A meeting of two bodies , kissing , touching and feeling to get to know one another. A long embrace. Slowly you undress each other , making love to each other's bodies with each other's hands.

Kissing softly then more demanding as the fire builds. The passion and desire to be come 1 .
Moaning as you enter her hot spot. She urges you deeper as you take long strokes. She cums so fast just as you take one stroke.

You move her to where she rides you. She slides with ease onto your hard cock , you lean up where you can bite , suck and tease each of her hard nipples. She screams with passion as she squirts onto your cock.

You hold onto her hips , making her ride you til she gets so weak. Then you roll her over onto all 4's. You slide your cock deep once more into her hot spot. You pull her hair to bring her back harder onto your cock. She moans as she calls your name.

She begs you please , please baby fuck my ass. You hold onto her as you explode deep into her hot spot. You lean onto her back , gathering up some strength. You lay back down onto your back.

She straddles you backwards facing away from you,
but instead of sliding her hot spot onto your semi-hard cock , she asks you to help guide your cock into her tight ass. You growl as she rides your cock up and down with such ease.

You are not sure how she done it but you rock hard once more. You reach around grabbing her tits and squeezing her nipples. She moans some more as she calls your name. You cant take anymore , you demand her to get off. You lay her onto her stomach , telling her to keep her legs tight together.

You slide your cock into her extra tight ass. You hold on tight to her body , not letting go even as you explode once more. You collapse onto her back , not wanting to loose the feeling of completeness - of PASSION..

"Good Luck and All My Best to All , LINDA

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