Night Time Desires  

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6/6/2006 8:30 pm

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Night Time Desires

To be held so tight right now - to have all my pain taken away by a simple kiss.
To be laying on my back as my pussy is being fisted hard and deep as he puts my legs on his shoulders as his hard cock finds its way into my hot tight ass , making me squirt as he pumps his fist in and out as his cock pumps in and out - OMG FEELS SO GOOD BABY , Please cum in my ass.
Then to take a shower to clean each other off , without words , I get on my knees to give him head , MMMMMMMMMM BABY PLEASE CUM IN MY MOUTH.
He cums in my mouth , looking into my eyes as I swallow it all - MMMMMMMMMMM MY BABY TASTE SO GOOD. We get out, dry each other off . He pushes me onto the bed as he goes down and without him telling me , I hold my legs up , as he licks and bites my clit with a couple of fingers going in and out making me cum over and over in his mouth.
He slides up as his hard cock finds its way into my hot wet pussy , MMMMMMMMMMM pumping so slow then hard then fast over and over.
He cums deep inside of me as I squirt one last time. OH BABY. He holds me as we fall asleep together.
I get woken up with my pussy being eaten , I grab his hair , bringing him up to kiss me , sharing my juices with me. I moan , so loud in his mouth. I love to taste my juices on his tongue sucking as hard as I can .
I roll us over , sliding my hot wet pussy on his hard cock , I tell him I have to pee - We get up , go into the bathroom. He sits on the toilet , I straddle him and pee on his cock , he bucks up driving it deep into my peeing pussy - I cum harder then I ever did before.
He holds onto me , puts me on the floor and POUNDS MY PUSSY SO HARD til he EXPLODES one last time for the night.
We jump in the shower , wash each other off - Fall into a deep relaxing sleep.

"Good Luck and All my Best to All , Linda"

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