Night Thoughts  

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6/27/2006 7:26 pm

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6/28/2006 1:44 pm

Night Thoughts

Just a few as I am getting ready to lay down for the night

Wish me luck on a peaceful night's rest...

a warm shower as I get on my knees to give you head , do you want the water hiting my back or yours ?

Getting out , you laying me on the bed with my legs spread open wide as you lick , bite my clit with 2 fingers going in and out making me cum hard as you lick my juices as they squirt on your tongue.

Laying in your arms as my hand strokes you cock , geting you hard as you play with my nipples making me moan. You sit up , move me onto your lap. Sucking and biting my nipples and biting under them , licking the spot inbetween - the senative spot that drives me crazy as you slide me onto your hard cock.

Rocking my hips , cumming over and over - moaning and a little scream of pleasure as my body shakes with a big numbing orgasam. You rolling me over , putting me on all 4's as you slide your hard cock deep into my wet pussy , slow long strokes , driving me and yourself over the edge - just when I think I cant cum anymore - OH BABY , we explode together. It soaks the bed as you and I collaspe down together.

You hold onto me tight , not wanting to let me go. You roll us onto our sides where your cock is barely still in me. I bring your hand to my mouth softly sucking it. You moan as I suck it. I move to where I can suck our juices off your cock. You tell me it tickles , but I keep doing it.

After I get my fill , you bring me up. Kissing me deeply and demanding. I feel so much passion for you and you see it in my eyes and tell me " Baby , you are my one and only world". I sigh and kiss you deep and demanding. I moan in your mouth. we fall asleep together in a peaceful night..


LookandWink 64M

6/28/2006 5:38 am

Sounds like your feeling a little better. You have wonderful imagery ... I can almost feel your mouth ... Thanks for the smiles. hugs, & kisses!

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