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Night Thoughts

Start with a kiss , then a touch. A hug , then sit on the edge of the bed. Taking our time , getting to know each others body over and over.
Lite kisses then little bites as we moan for more. Our hands roam as we kiss each other. You grab my hair pull my head back , kiss me deep and demanding as my hands reach your semi hard cock. I jack you off as your mouth drops to my hard aching nipples as I moan.
I feel your heart beating faster as you bite my nipples & as you explode on my hand - MMMMMMMMMM
I go down and suck and lick your cock clean. Your still semi-hard , as you push me back , spread my legs. Start licking , biting and sucking my clit as you finger my hot spot with 2 then 4 fingers. I run my hands through your hair as you make me cum over and over. I moan as you cum up to share my juices with me but you work your fist into my hot spot.
I moan as I squirt on your fist over and over. I am drained , you slide up my body as your hard cock slides into my hot spot into my soaked hot wet spot. I moan and scream cuz it feels soooooooooo good , it doesnt take you long to cum into my hot spot.
You dont pull out as I buck my hips up , feeling shock waves in my hot spot as I cum a little more. You look deep into my eyes and smile. OH BABY , feels so RIGHT , doesnt it ?

"Good Luck and All my Best to All , Linda"
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