Night Thoughts  

sexymom20069 49F
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5/18/2006 7:40 pm
Night Thoughts

Candle lights , Soft Music - Just you and I together no tv or cell phones.
Touching , kissing and teasing each other to the point of no return.
A bubble bath with rose petals in the water , washing each other off , making love to each others bodies with our hands. Bending me over the edge , washing my pussy so good , that after you rinse it off , you taste it - teasing my clit with your hard tongue. Me begging you to please make me cum in your mouth.
Your growl my name as I feel your tongue going deep as possible in my already soak wet pussy.
Then after I cum hard in your mouth, you grab my hair and kiss me deep, demanding sharing my juices with me.
I moan with pleasure as you suck and bite my nipples. Slide me on your hard cock as you sit in the tub. You buck your hips up as I move my hips back and forth , cumming over and over. You bite my nipples as we explode together.
Then we get out , dry each other off. Go to the bed and make Love , fall asleep together.

Good Luck to all and All my Best , Linda

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