Morning Lovin  

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7/12/2006 3:05 pm

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Morning Lovin

It's 8 am and you walk through the door from a long night of working. I am wearing one of your t-shirts and nothing under it. You find me in the laundry room. You cum behind me , drop to your knees , grab me and start eating me out demanding and like you was dying for my juices.

I moan and scream as I cum hard in your mouth. Then I drop to my knees to join you. Kiss you deeply tasting my juices on your tongue just drives me crazy. Then we say hi and hug.
We get up and I go to fix you something to eat.

As we are eating. We talk about what our plans are for today. Your sitting there at the table and I cum to sit on your lap. I say "Want to talk about the first that pops up ? " You say "Too late , its already up !"

I say "well shit , let's get your cock out and let you get the relief you need!" . We go to the bedroom. I undress you as you pull off the t-shirt. I take my time , kiss your chest. I moan and tell you how much I love your body.
You lay me on my back , kiss my nipples , biting gently then hard as your hands roam down to my hot wet aching pussy. You work 4 fingers inside as your thumb teasing my clit. I moan and scream as I squirt to your touch.

You plant kisses down my body to my hot wet aching pussy and lick , suck my juices up. Cumming up to kiss me your hard throbbing cock makes its way into me. You pump slow , long and deep. You work my pussy over and over til you can't hold back any longer. But , you wait til I tell you that I am about to cum for the 4th time.
Our bodies shake together as we explode together. You collapse on me as we savor the feeling of being one with each other. Then we get up and start the day..


Sorry I dont have any pics of me in just a t-shirt but , will this one do ?

blackiron1961 56M

7/12/2006 5:17 pm

wow what a what to start the day. lucky ass man. you write so well.

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