More thoughts : Enjoy  

sexymom20069 49F
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4/30/2006 1:30 pm
More thoughts : Enjoy

Guys email me and say they want to meet and see what happens but if I get the feeling that its only gonna be a one-time fuck , I wont go through with it - I want more.

I want passion and lust - I want a man who will take me out even for a drive , so we can enjoy being together and yes I love to give head used to be very easy for me to make a man cum in my mouth cuz I havent been with anyone that I want to cum in my mouth. Pull over and cum to my side of the car , open the door pull out his cock and tell me to suck til til he explodes deep in my mouth , then him get on his knees lean me back and eat my pussy til I cum several times.

Then we drive around somemore and go back to his place or a hotel and make love awhile. Laying side by side enjoying being together - no rush no hurry. Falling asleep til the morning light - maybe waking each other up with kisses or me waking him with head or him waking me up with eating my hot wet pussy.


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