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6/9/2006 4:27 pm

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Its hot as I am cooking dinner for us - something light , grilled chicken breast and maybe some rice a roni.
After we eat , I take off for the shower. You cum in there as I have my arms stretched out , with my back to the water , hitting my back. The water feels good , its just right a little cold but enough to make my nipples stand out. I have the lights out , you sneak in , I am in la la land thinking about you in here with me.
I feel your hands cumming around to my breasts , I moan , daring not to open my eyes , afraid I was really dreaming. You rub your hard cock against my ass , spread my cheeks , sliding your hard cock into my wet spot. I gasp as you hold onto me , not letting me go as your pumping me.
I feel myself cumming over and over as your pumping me ever so slowly, you keep your composer cuz you love the feel of my hot spot. I hear you growl as you cant take it anymore and let go , exploding as you feel me cumming again.
You turn me around and I think we are done BUT , I was wrong. You kiss me deep and demanding as your hands roam my body and as mine roam yours. I bend my head to suck your little nipples as my hands grab your cock. Before you know it , I am on my knees sucking your cock.
I love tasting our juices mixed together. I get you hard again and some-how , you cum in my mouth. YUMMY BABY. You pull me up , I open my mouth and let the water cum in my mouth rinsing it out. I feel your fingers inside of my hot spot , fingering me hard , making me squirt a couple of times.
I get weak as you have to hold me up with one hand. As you work your fist into me. I moan and scream over and over , feeling myself get weak and weaker by the min. You sense it. You pull out your fist. We get out and go to the bed all soaked . You start fisting me again , as I put my legs on your shoulders , looking you deep in your eyes.
Begging you over and over deeper baby , please dont stop. I see the passion and desire in your eyes. As you work your hard again cock into my tight ass. OH BABY feels so good.
After pulling out your fist , you start pumping my ass harder and deeper as you explode deep in my ass.
Then we go shower then dry each other off. Go watch some TV...

"Good Luck and ALL MY BEST TO ALL , Linda"

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6/9/2006 4:49 pm

Hey babe;
Love your story, it made me really hard. Had to go a jerk off.
Id love to shower or bathe with ya too.
All my hardness .../8
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6/9/2006 6:42 pm


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