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6/7/2006 11:00 pm

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I am waiting for you at my place , under my dress , I am wearing my black teddy. I have candles lite around my room. A plate of strawberries and cool whip.
I meet you in the parking lot , you pull up. I greet you and open the door for you , I am so excited to see you. I get on my knees and grab you and start kissing you deep and demanding. You run your hands down my back and under the back of my dress.
You grab my ass as I am kissing your neck and licking your ear lobes. MMMMMMMM you rub my ass and whisper in my ear "I cant wait to fuck you so hard and deep tonight!" . I moan "Baby Please".
I get up and we go into my place. Your walking behind me , grabbing my ass. We get to my room and it doesnt take long for me to undress you , push you to my bed and straddle you. I turn on some music and get up and strip for you. You start playing with your cock , I cum over and handcuff you to my bed railings. You growl at me and tell me "Just wait baby , my turn is cumming "..
I finally get done teasing you by bending over in front of you , spreading my ass cheeks , bringing it close to you then pulling away.
I un cuff you and you grab me and kiss me deep and demanding as your hands run across my tits , you pinch and pull my nipples hard and demanding.
I moan as you take my head and push it towards your hard throbbing cock. I take all that I can in and you hold my head down as you start fucking my mouth - you exploded deep in my mouth then you lay me back and spread my legs start fingering and licking my hot pussy.
I cum a few times , you cum up to share my taste with me. MMMMMMMMMM BABY PLEASE.
I reach down and start jacking you off , making you hard again. Then you slide up between my legs , guiding your hard cock into my hot wet soaking pussy. I moan and bite my lips as I start begging and screaming as your pumping me ever so slow then HARD AND DEEP.
We explode together - OH BABY. We lay together and watch some tv , playing and touching each other. You grab a candle and drip some wax on my nipples - OH SENDS A SHOCK THROUGH MY BODY TO MY HOT PUSSY...
You take off the wax and start sucking my soft hard nipples , MMMMMMMMMMMM your sitting up and I get on to ride you , I squirt some soaking your cock. You raise me up and slide it into my tight ass. I ride you backwards , you smack my ass some. Then you bend me over and fuck my ass doggie style pumping hard and deep as you explode deep in my ass.
OH BABY , we clean up and fall asleep together.


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6/8/2006 9:25 am

That got me wett, keep them cumming

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