MMMMMM Dinner Time  

sexymom20069 49F
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6/14/2006 3:25 pm
MMMMMM Dinner Time

You cum and pick me up. I am wearing a new blue jean short skirt and a nice top. You are dressed in nice jeans and a nice shirt.
You open the door for me and kiss me deep and demanding as your hands rub my ass. You feel I have no thongs on - you growl in my ear " oh your a bad girl baby" . I grab your head and look you straight in the eyes and say " Baby , you have no ideal yet of how bad I can be "
I grab your crotch before you smack my ass and go get in the car yourself. As your driving , I take off my heels and bring my foot up to rub your cock with it. As you stop at a red light , I lean over and kiss you ear and neck. You growl and say " Dont make me pull this car over and make you suck my cock in daylight !" I look and smile my little smile saying " I DARE YOU BABY !".
You pull into the parking lot of the restaurant and park in the back , cars are pulling in behind us. I start to get out and you grab my hair gently and say " OH no you dont baby , you owe me " .
I look up at you and I start to unzip your pants , pull out your semi-hard cock , start sucking soft then hard. You hold unto my head and start bucking your hips up fucking my mouth. MMMMMM it doest take long for you to cum in my mouth. I swallow it all , you pull me up and say "MMMMMM felt good baby , thank you."
Then I find my mouth wash and rinse out my mouth. You cum open my door , but dont pull me out and push me back , spread my legs and start fingering me as you bite my clit. I cum a couple of times as you drink my juices up . MMMMMMMMMM, I pull you up as I sit up to kiss you and taste my juices as I suck your tongue hard like I do your cock.
MMMMMMMMM " Thank you also baby". Luckily I have some wipes and you clean me up and even my legs as some drips down. Then we go in and go to wash our hands. Meet back out in front. Go order and enjoy a wonderful dinner together.

"Good Luck and All my Best , Linda"

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