In a Thoughtful Mood today  

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7/12/2006 12:22 pm

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In a Thoughtful Mood today

I was just sitting here after my shower - thinking about this new guy that I am talking too and we are just friends to see where else it could lead. But , there is a 2 hr distance between us , his family and life. My family and so-called life here. I would hate to lose him - he is such a wonderful friend.

But my past experiences are cuzing me to fear the worse about losing him cuz I do attend to get attached when I try not too. If I get too attached - WILL I LOSE HIM ? ? ? ? ?

My ex boyfriend said he ended with me the first time in Sept cuz I was too clingy for him - Shit , when I warned him - he told me NOTHING could scare him away from me. And I didn't hang on to him like a fucking rag doll when we was together. I think it was an excuse cuz he was still on this site and found some playmates. He knew that I didn't like to share and we even agreed "to see and be with each other ONLY"..

A friend with benefits - it got to where we was always talking on the phone , emails , IM's and I was seeing him every week - staying the night also. He was also talking about starting to see someone from work - he even took her out with his kids and her when he had them for visitation. But , I wasn't his type in the first place and I even told him that I would lose him sooner or later. I did in Dec. - the woman he was seeing just for dates ended up wanting more with him . So , I got dumped and even though he said he will always be here for me as a friend - he still ended leaving me. I haven't heard from him since Jan.

So, my track record warns me not to get too close or attached to someone anymore - No matter what - Guys now a days don't want someone to get attached too them. Especially if they had a shitty wife who didn't care about their husbands wants , needs and desires.


blackiron1961 56M

7/12/2006 3:11 pm

i think klingy could be a good thing

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