In My Darkest Moments there is still PASSION  

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7/4/2006 5:26 pm

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In My Darkest Moments there is still PASSION

Passion burning through , keeping me going.

A soft tender touch of 2 sets of lips kissing.
2 sets of hands touching , touching to the point of no return.
2 bodies becoming 1..

You kiss his body from his lips , cheeks , ears and neck down to his chest as you lick the little nipples. You feel his hands touching your ass , and going under to your hot spot. You stop and moan as his fingers stroke your inner thighs.
You lick and kiss down to his hard awaiting throbbing cock , waiting for you to make love to with your tongue and mouth. He enters 3 fingers into your hot spot as you take all his hard cock as deep as you can in his mouth without gagging right away. You want to make it last for as long as he can take it...

He growls as he feels you cumming by the touch of his fingers , brings them out to taste your juices. He then makes you stop , he lays you on your back , spreading your legs. Teasing and tasting your hot spot. You moan and scream once as you begin to squirt right on to his tongue.
You then push him back on to his back , your straddle his face with your hot spot , taking his cock back into your mouth.
You suck softly then as hard as he can with stand it. You take the tip of his cock into your hot mouth as you jack him off with one hand as the other goes under to his ass , you prob one finger into his tight little hole.

He cant take it anymore , he grabs your head and holds onto it as he pumps up like fucking your hot spot. He explodes deep in your mouth. You swallow it all as you move to where your sitting on top of his chest , your pussy juices dripping onto it. You look him deep into his eyes, with out a word . You kiss him with his taste still lingering in your mouth.
He kisses you deep and demanding as he pulls your hair some. You slide down to his semi-hard cock. It slides with ease into your hot spot. You ride him til his cock gets a little harder as he plays with your nipples , leaning up so he can bite and squeeze them making you squirt.

You turn around to where your ass is ear is face but you slide his hard cock into your hot tight ass. You moan cuz its so tight but feels so good.
Once in , you lean your back onto him so he can touch your body , moaning as you two are becoming one once more. He is deep inside your tight ass. You sit up and ride him hard and deep.
He takes his time to cum once more so soon. Once he cums - you turn back facing him and rest on his hard body..


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