Horse Back Riding Fun  

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Horse Back Riding Fun

I walk out of my cabin , wearing my tight jeans , boots , and a low cut western shirt. There is a lot of Ranch hands around , and few of them whistle and hoot at me. Your already waiting for me .
You smile and I smile back , no words spoken or needed. I cant help but wonder if your a touch of jealous but decide if you are , its your right since I belong to you.
You help me up onto a beautiful black stallion and I feel your hands rub my ass , I moan "BABY PLEASE". I hear you growl "oh yes baby , I will" . I thought you was gonna get on your own stallion but , I feel you get right behind me. I lean back into your chest as you grab the reins.
We start riding at a slow pace , taking our time , enjoying the beautiful sight around us. We cum to a small pond , you let the stallion drink some water. You hands rub my tits , I feel you unbuttoning my shirt. I moan , you go into my shirt , touching my hard nipples and pull on them.
I lean up , reaching behind me touching the bulge that I have felt all the long we have been riding. I hear you growl as I moan. Then you hop off the stallion , and climb back on facing me. You start kissing me as your hands grab and stroke my tits. You bend your head and start sucking them , I moan as I hold on to your head.
I feel you unzip my jeans , but they are too tight for your to get you hands in so , you raise me up as I start taking them off , you hold onto me so I wont fall off. I get them off and you put them behind me. I lean back to give you full access to my hot spot. I moan as you start to finger me with 3 then 4 fingers...
I cum hard all over the saddle. You growl as you tell me that you want to taste my sweet cum. So , you get off the stallion , grab the reins , walk us over to a tree and tie him up.
I start to get off but you stop me, I am siting sideways , you cum up and spread my legs and start eating me out. I moan and scream as I cum over and over. You then grab me off and I gt on my knees in front of you , unzip your jeans. Pull out your rock hard cock , and start sucking softly then as hard as I can. "OH BABY PLEASE CUM IN MY MOUTH ". You grab my head , hold onto it as you fuck my mouth hard and deep just like you fuck my pussy.
After you cum in my mouth. You undress me and then take off your own clothes . I look at you , like "What are you up too ?" You smile at me and say nothing as you take my hands , walk towards the water. I say nothing as we get in and we play around a bit. As we are in there , some of the Ranch Hands cum along. They had brought some things that you had asked them to bring.
I look at you and wonder "how long have they been around and what all did they see?" , you just smile at me , its amazing how no words are needed and we seem to know what each other is thinking.
They set up as we are getting out. I kind of blush cuz I am not that proud of my body , you seem to sense it and look at me , I forget all about them and smile at you. One of them hands you a towel , you wrap it around me and dry me off. One started a fire and was cooking something. It smelt good. There was a tent set up and I put your shirt on and just sit around the fire.
They leave as we begin eating and I feed you a couple of bites. You feed me also, I bring your fingers to my mouth and start sucking them. MMMMMMMMM , I am so horny at this point. I had enough to eat and cum to you. I pull off your shirt and tease you with a little dance.
You stop eating , stand up , grab me take me into your arms , start kissing me . We go into the tent. You lay down , I start taking your jeans back off ( somewhere between before we ate , you had but them back on - LOL ). I start to straddle you cock but you bring me up to straddle your face.
You pull me down and start eating my out , making me cum til I get somewhat weak. You then push me towards your cock but I rub my wet soaked hot pussy down your chest. You growl at me and I just laugh a little , you smack my ass as I slide my hot pussy onto your hard cock as I lean in to kiss you. I suck your tongue as I was sucking your cock.
Our motions match each other , I cum easily as we ride together. I get weak and you sense it. You hold onto me as you move us to where your on top of me with your cock still inside of me.
You pump til you and I explode together, you dont move , you stay on top of me and keep your cock inside of me. I move my hips , making myself cum a little more. You look into my eyes and tell me how happy you are with me being all yours.
Then you roll over to my side and we fall into a deep peaceful sleep. I turn over to face you and your gone , I dont get scared cuz I know your never gonna leave me.
I put on my shirt , go outside and your there making breakfast. I cum to you and kiss you on your cheek. You take the food off the fire , grab me onto your lap. Kiss me deep and demanding. Then back to the tent for some morning loving , into the pond to wash off. get dressed and eat.
We get back to the Ranch and leave to go home.


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