Are You Ready ?  

sexymom20069 49F
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6/29/2006 9:22 pm
Are You Ready ?

Late Night Drive to the lake - A nightly skinny dip. Laying on a blanket with a small fire going.
A tent set up behind us - The stars and moon high above as a romantic glow is all around us ?

We laugh as we listen to each others funny stories and jokes. We kiss each other demanding and deep. We have towels wrapped around ourselves. I drop mine to bare my breast - you drop your head to kiss , suck and bite each nipple hard and demanding. I moan as the waves hit the beach. We are close but far enough not to get wet anymore.

You lay on your back , the towel is around you. I get in a 69 position. I start licking , sucking then deep throating your cock til I am squirting in and around your mouth. You fill my mouth up with your juices. I move around til I am straddling your semi-hard cock but it only touches my clit , not inside my hot wet soaked pussy..

We kiss mixing our juices , you move me off of your cock. You turn on to your stomach. I straddle your ass cheeks. Moving my hot wet pussy on your cute ass cheeks , moaning as I make myself cum and then squirt on them. I spread your cheeks and start tonguing your tight, tight hole. I reach under as you raise up so I can start jacking you off.
I move off so I can start licking and biting your cheeks. You growl as I make a hickey on one of your cheeks.

You buck me off and lay me on my stomach. Spread my cheeks open , dive your tongue into my tight little hole as one hand reaches under to play with my clit. I moan as your tonguing my ass and playing with my clit. I cum more. It pleases you so you stop.

We sit there , grab a bite to eat of the food you brought. We go into the tent and get dressed into some shorts for you - I put on this little black teddy. We sit and listen to some music - I fall asleep into your arms.

"Good Night -
Good Luck and All my Best to All , LINDA"

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