Another Story - ENJOY ;)  

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Another Story - ENJOY ;)

"We are walking around the Zoo & we find a secluded place where there is very few people around.. U are wearing sweats and I am wearing my black skirt - I reach in Ur pants and pull out Ur cock and Ur already hard but I get U harder. U reach under my skirt and start fingering my already hot wet pussy.. Then U bend me over and slowly tease my pussy with the head of Ur cock , I lean back begging U to put it all the way and when U say just a min - I turn around and get on my knees and start giving U head - but I stop as I feel that Ur about to cum - and then U cant take no more and U shove it hard and deep in my pussy it only takes a few mins for U to cum with me as I cum.. Then we hear someone coming so we straighten up and move on..

We get on the Tram and we sit in the very last seat and as we do , I am still wet from us fucking - and I can feel the juices running on to the seat - U reach under and put 4 fingers deep in my pussy making me buck my hips up driving Ur fingers deeper - U french me so I wouldnt scream or moan - and after U make me cum some more - U start licking Ur fingers and I take Ur hand and start sucking on them too tasting my own juices... It turns U on sooooooooo bad - that Ur hard again.. So , we get off the Tram and look for another place to fuck..
We go by the cats - the leopards and there is a small wall there and so U sit down on it and U pull out Ur cock and then U pull me onto Ur lap and I slide Ur cock deep in my pussy - then I start to ride U hard and deep - we make it last as long as we can so we dont get caught.. U turn me around to face U and U raise my shirt up and start sucking on my nipples and then I cum and cum - U cum with me as I cum for the 4th time.. We sit there savoring the afterglow of becoming one..
Then we get up and leave.. We get back to my place and shower together and enjoying being together..

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