Another Sexual Desire - ENJOY  

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Another Sexual Desire - ENJOY

A bath this time. Sitting in the top with my back against your big chest and my ass up against your cock. I wiggle to tease you. You have me stand up , you wash my ass off. Spread open my cheeks and start teasing and tasting my tight hole as I replace you hands with my own. You work a few fingers into my hot wet aching pussy. I get weak at my knees when you work your fist inside of my hot wet aching pussy. I moan and scream of passion as I cum hard on your hand..

Then you turn me around to taste your sweet reward for making me so weak. After you make me squirt from your tongue eating me , I sit on my knees. I grab your face and start kissing you demanding yet passionately. You reach behind me and smack my ass. I suck your tongue so hard , you get afraid that I am gonna suck it right out of your mouth.

I beg you to please stand up. You do so and I wash your cock off then I suck it soft and gentle at first. Then I take the tip of your throbbing cock in my hot mouth , suck as hard as you can take it as I jack you off with one hand as my other hand plays with your balls straight back to your cute ass. I even take my pinkie , teasing your little tight hole. You grab my hair as you start fucking my mouth deep like you do my hot wet aching pussy.

Then you turn around , I start licking and tonguing your little tight hole. You growl as I reach under daring you to get hard again, which not to brag but you do. I have my pleasure of tonguing you. We get out and dry off. I sit on the toilet to pee but you stop me. You lay a towel on the floor , lay on your back.

I squat over your cock and let my pee flow all over your cock and balls. As I am doing this you reach up and start squeezing my nipples with one hand as the other plays with my clit as I pee and after-wards. You grab my hips and pull me down on your cock. I ride you til I cum several times within mins of each one. Then I tell you that I am too weak. You have me to get up and get on all 4's. Slide your cock into my extra wet hot aching pussy.

You pump my pussy so hard and demanding , we both explode together. Then with your semi-hard cock , you slide it into my ass. I scream in passion as you pound my hips fucking me with all your might. You manage to cum a little more. You sit on the floor , bring me onto your lap. We kiss then we get up and shower to clean up.

Now the love making begins on the bed.


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