Another Older Story - Enjoy  

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Another Older Story - Enjoy

This was written last year before I met my last ex boyfriend when I was a free sexual sprite and no it's not a true story - I don't like to share my man and don't want to be shared but will with another man , IF AND ONLY IF that's what my man wants. SO, ENJOY
"At The Porn Shop"

We are driving along and you decide to stop at an Adult Book Store - You open my door , I am wearing my short black skirt no undies - my red see - through lingerie top no bra. As I get out you grab my ass and start working it loose - right there in the parking lot - You bend me over and shove your cock deep in my ass - no lube no pussy juice.. I scream as it goes it.. You grab my hair putting your cock deeper in my ass pumping hard and fast - You smack my ass over and over... After about 30 mins you shoot your load deep in my ass... Then you bend down and start licking your cum as it leaks out my ass.... Then we go in the store..

We look around there is several guys in there - I see 2 that I like. You go up to them and ask would they like to join us in one of the private rooms - they say sure...
All 4 of us go in there - You cum up bend me and start taking off my clothes.. As you are doing that - One of the guys start sucking my tits one by one he takes them in his mouth - nibbling and biting on my nipples... After you get my clothes off -You start fingering my hot , wet pussy and then you work your fist deep in my pussy.. I stand there MOANING for more...

The 3rd guy comes up and starts licking my ass - All 3 of you guys are on me - One sucking my tits , you fisting my hot pussy and the 3rd licking and tonging my ass.. Then he sticks his cock in my ass and I move my hips towards your hand as he is fucking my hot tight ass.. Then I reach down and start jacking you off and the guy sucking on my tits... Then as I cum hard on your hand - you and the other 2 guys cum - the guy in my ass and you and the other guy in my hands and shooting on my body...

Then I get on my knees and you and one of the guys cum up and I start sucking both of your cocks... And the 3rd guy lays on the floor and starts eating my pussy.. And then the 2 of you both shoot your loads in my mouth and on my face. I cum all over the guys face and tongue.

Then you lay on the floor and I get on and start riding you - then one stands in front of me and I start giving him head - the 3rd starts fucking my ass - you reach up and start grabbing my tits had I start moaning as do all 3 of you guys... Before we know it - there is afew other people watching us ... Some guys with their cocks out jacking off to the site of Us... All 3 of you cum in me at once... We get up and leave...

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7/17/2006 1:18 pm

now that sounds like fun.....

sexymom20069 49F

7/17/2006 2:18 pm


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