AfterNoon Thoughts and Desire  

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7/2/2006 11:55 am

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AfterNoon Thoughts and Desire

A drive to a Animal Park. On the way there , I lay on my stomach . Unzip your jeans , as you raise the steering wheel as high as it will go up. I pull out your cock. Look up into your face and see a smile on your face..

I start out by slowly licking it up and down , then take it deep into my mouth. Feel you tense up as my hand rubs your chest. My mouth going up and down as I rub your little nipples. My fingers find their way into your mouth. You suck my fingers as you explode deep in my mouth..

I drink it all up , cum up sit beside you. You rub my thigh , raise my skirt up. Feel I have no undies on. I lean back against the passenger door. Spread my legs wide open, play with my clit and finger myself. You growl as you watch me suck my fingers of my own juices.

Then you find the nearest "rest stop" , pull in away from all other cars. I am still leaning against the door. You barely wait til the motor is completely off. You lean down and start licking my hot spot clean , cumming up to share my juices with me. I nearly scream as you make me squirt.. You then sit back up and pull back onto the interstate with me sitting by your side..


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7/4/2006 2:28 am

My hand makes a fist full of your hair pulling you onto me forcing myself deep as you squirm with delight

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