AfterNoon Delights with YOU ! ! ! ! !  

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6/30/2006 1:08 pm

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AfterNoon Delights with YOU ! ! ! ! !

"A surprise visit from you would be so grand right now."
I would be still asleep , you cum knocking on the door - my family asking who are you and when you tell them - They show you where my room is

I am in a deep sleep , as you enter my room. I am wearing my short black nightie. You stroke my cheek lightly as I make a little sound , I open my eyes barely , startled somewhat , I jump back. You laugh softly , take my face into your hands and kiss me soft and a little demanding..

Then I realize who you are ( though I never saw a picture of you before ). I wrap my arms around you and pull you onto the bed with me. We laugh together. Then I get up to go shower and ask you to join me.

You look at me like I was crazy cause my parents, son and sister is around. I say " It's Ok , I was only teasing , for now ". I undress in-front of you. You stare at me , I cum over and kiss you. I feel your hands take hold of my tits. I moan and tell you to wait til I shower first.

I leave you sitting on my bed , "speechless".. Put on my green robe.
I cum back all nice and clean , a little wet still. I let my robe hit the floor. I am standing there nude. I sit on your lap and start kissing your cheeks , your neck and nibble on your ears some. Your hands are roaming all over my body as you get to know it from touch and feel - you seen it in photos but now your touching it in person..

I moan as I get on my knees , start to unzip your jeans BUT you stop me. You push me on my back , spread my legs. Kissing me from my mouth to my hot spot. I moan as your tongue just touches my clit. I moan more and more as you eat me out like there was no tomorrow. You cum up every few seconds sharing my juices with me.

You tell me before you go back down " Baby , it turns me on even more knowing your love your own taste." I finally cum hard one last time. Then I get up , get on my knees. I unzip your pants and tell you "stand up". I take off your jeans then your t-shirt. I kiss and lick your chest down to your cock.

You move to where your laying down and close your eyes - I know your enjoying it cause I hear little moans from you. Finally , you grab my hair hold on to it as you fuck my mouth hard and deep.

I swallow it all. Cum up and look you deep in your eyes as I kiss you. Sharing your juices with you. Then we lay back and enjoy the feel of each others bodies.

Finally after laying together awhile , we get up and get dressed and go out for awhile.

"Good Luck and All my best to all , Linda"

abitcrazy4sex 46M
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6/30/2006 1:51 pm

all i can say is ...\8 ! thanks for the post , it made my afternoon .

sexymom20069 49F

6/30/2006 2:06 pm

"abitcrazy4sex" - YOU"RE WELCUM

Enjoy and have a great weekend , Linda

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