AfterNoon Delight  

sexymom20069 49F
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5/21/2006 2:40 pm

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AfterNoon Delight

Start with a deep embrace , soft then deep and demanding kisses. Our hands roaming all over each others bodies. Falling onto the bed , undressing each other as we still kiss. Your head drops to my hard nipples , sucking and licking making them ache for more. My hand finds its way down to your already hard cock stroking it. Your breath quickening as if telling me to please give you the relief you need and desire. Your fingers finding there way to my hot wet pussy. You stop after you feel me cum a couple of times. You stop bring your fingers up to my mouth , making me suck and lick them clean.
You move us into a 69 postion , your tongue teasing my clit as my tongue touches your cock , we buck our hips to bring us closer . Your tongue going in and out as my mouth takes all it can of your hard cock , gaging me making me squirt on your tongue. You start fucking my mouth , you gag me making me cum over and over. We explode in each others mouth. You move to face me , taking my face in your hands , kissing me deep - As we share each other juices with each other , Bringing us closer as Lovers.
We lay side by side talking , sharing each others dreams and desires. Touching and Kissing - we turn on the tv to watch a movie. But we get so turned on by each other over and over.
You slide me on to your body , guiding my pussy onto your hard cock. We ride together to the point where my body shakes as I cum harder then ever before. You love the feel of my juices running down your balls. But after my wave of relief , you stop me , your not ready to cum in me just yet. You roll us over , you look me deep in my eyes as you pump me hard and deep. Your in control , you feel me cumming again and again . I moan and whisper "PLEASE BABY fill me with your juices". You hear me moan more that I am gonna explode. You finally let go and explode with me. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
You dont roll of me just yet , we savor the feel of the love making for a bit. When you do move , its to my side. We lay there watching the rest of the movie together.
We fall asleep side by side.

spacecadet561 61M

5/21/2006 4:30 pm

Damn! Too bad you're a bit too far away. Sounds like fun to me.


nydude1955 62M

5/23/2006 5:32 am

I could use some delight like yours. UUUUMMMMMM

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