A Late Night Meeting  

sexymom20069 49F
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6/9/2006 8:36 pm
A Late Night Meeting

You call and say " lets meet somewhere for a little fun" , I say "sure , I know what just to wear". We agree on a place to meet.
I show up a few mins before you , I am wearing my black short nightie only and a smile of course , you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You cum up to me , take me into a deep embrace and a deep , demanding kiss. MMMMMMMM, I melt into your arms.
You pull a blanket out of you car , I pull out a towel and some wet wash rags. We smile at each other cuz "great minds think a like "
You lay down , I straddle you just to tease you. You pull my nightie down so you can feel , touch , taste and tease my nipples. I moan as I rub my wet spot over your hard cock still in shorts. I raise up so you can unzip them and take them off. I then straddle your face giving you a access to eat me out , I turn around into a 69 position.
We go to town on each other. We take our time enjoying the taste of each other over and over. I cum in your mouth a few times. You hold off cumming in mine. You want to savor our short time together.
I then start riding you slow and soft then hard and fast , squirting some and cumming harder . You moan as my cum rolls down to your balls. I get off you , start sucking my juices off your cock and start sucking your balls as my hand goes under to your hot ass. I finger your asshole with my pinky , you cant help it and grab my head. Fucking my mouth like you do my hot spot , you explode in my mouth , you pull me up to watch me swallow it all.
Then I lay beside you under the stars. We get up after a while , go back to your place for some shower fun.

"Good Luck and All My Best to All , Linda"

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