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3/13/2006 2:46 pm
wanting more

I wasn't real sure about an overnight excursion, i mean, i didn't know much about him except how good he was in bed. I debated a couple of days and decided why not, live a little, ya know?

So i made all the arrangements i needed to take a couple of days off work... when he said overnight, he meant two full days of play and fun. Made sure my dog had enough food and water, packed my bag and was out the door. I was curious about his text message though.... don't worry about bringing any clothes.... ok unless he plans to cook we have to go somewhere to eat!

After driving a couple of hours, I met him at his house, a sprawling beautiful mix of modern meets mediterrean. He invited me in, gave me a big hug and a deep kiss, and whispered glad u could come.... Oh so am I! We stood there for a moment holding each other, and he told me that he would give the grand tour when we came back to pick my truck up the next day. I must have looked really confused because he started chuckling. He explained that we weren't staying at his house that we were going to his office for a little while and then he had something special up his sleeve, but he wasn't going to give me any details. Ok, i like a good surprise... and especially if the surprise ends in awesome sex..

Being a car collector, he couldn't help but show off his latest treasure, a fully restored 1970 Chevelle, jet black with midnight blue pinstriping. Which we are evidently going to ride in....I get my bag out of the truck and he just grins... i told you you wouldn't need any clothes...... Holding open the car door for me, he whispered, just trust me and be prepared for the unexpected. Hmmmm..... We arrive at his office a little while later and as he is tending to business i wander around the suite. Seems my playmate has diverse tastes in collectibles.... there are sports memorabilia, quirky paintings, arrow heads, and old pottery in well lit display cases throughout the suite. Just as i'm starting to wonder how long we'll be there, he appears at my side and suggests lunch. Wonderful!

We end up at an upscale local restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, packed with diners cheerfully bantering away their lunch hours. We order and begin our own pleasantries.. but ours carry a more sexual tone. Since we have a booth at the back of the restaurant, i slip off a shoe and gently rub my foot against his cock.... careful he murmurs.... you'll get something started that we can't finish here....me? oh no.... i'm just teasing....about the time i put my foot back up, the waiter appears with our food... eat he tells me.... you'll need some energy for this afternoon....oh? will i now?! We eat and tease each other between mouthfuls.... but my curiousity is still very peaked... what's up?

Leaving the restaurant, he pulls me to him and holds me, kisses me, and tells me now the fun is about to begin... mmmmmm.... our afternoon starts with him driving us to the local mall. Ok, now i'm really confused. He grins.. you need something nice for tonight... come on, let's go shop! have i died and left earth? A man that WANTS to take me shopping? WAY COOL! Right off the bat he takes me into an expensive department store and tells me no more than he wants me to find a dress or skirt and blouse suitable for an evening out and he won't help me pick it out, must be my choice. Right off the bat i find a sexy long black dress and i go to try it on. When i come out of the dressing room several ladies comment on how good it looks on me and he just gives a long low whistle. Ok i've found the dress....coming out of the dressing room i call his attention to the price tag.... no no he says..... don't look at the prices, it's not your concern today.... OMG! I've got to be dreaming! After finding a lacy pair of thigh highs i thought our purchases were complete. What else do i need? Evidently i needed sexy underclothes 'cause he takes me to the most expensive lingerie store I've ever been in in my life! After much searching and musing i decided on a beautiful black lacy matching bra and panty set. I was in shock over the cost, but he tsked me and told me again, cost isn't your concern.... So now i have a complete outfit, a quick stop in a shoe store finds me with a gorgeous pair of heels..... my mind was reeling! After loading our purchases in the car he kissed me and told me that was just the start........

I wasn't aware that the beautiful and charming bed and breakfast that he took me to even existed. Built overlooking the expanse of an enormous lake, it stood majestically, inviting the weary traveler with open arms.

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