passion + desire = wildfire  

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passion + desire = wildfire

The text message came during a long drawn out meeting... "I want you,". A ghost from the past come back to life... a man i thought had forgotten his sexy one and had moved on. It sent shivers down my spine to his name above the message.

As soon as the meeting was over, i slipped outside and called him. The sound of his voice flowed over me like a rushing river, flooding my mind with memories of us together. He told me that he had just been so wrapped up in work that he hadnt had a chance to call but that i had been weighing heavily on his mind. He also told me that he was flying out the next morning for California for a business trip and expected to be gone for a couple of weeks. Apologetically, he asked if i had time on such short notice to get together for a little while. Thrilled by the invitation, i assured him i had time that evening. "Where do you want to meet," i asked. Why don't you come to my office he suggested to me. Everyone will be gone about 5:15 no later than 5:30. Sure thing, i'll be there i told him, trying to not jump and down with my co workers so close to me. I have to be dreaming!

I arrived at his office later, only his truck was in the parking lot. Entering the front door, i called out for him and as if by magic, he appeared at my side. Oh what a sight he was! Tall, athletic, dark hair greying at the temples, oh so well built! I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He pulled me into his arms and gently kissed me at first. Kissed me and kissed me like he would never be allowed to kiss me again. Touching my face tenderly, he whispered to me just how much he had missed me. Pulling me to him tightly he told me that he a place all ready for us to play. Taking me by the hand, he led me upstairs to the conference room.

I was quite surprized to find a mattress all laid out on the floor, covered in a silk sheet, candles placed strategically around the mattress. Welcome to our little slice of heaven my dear he whispered as he took me into his arms and began a slow dance with me. Nothing else existed except the two of us. Kissing my neck he slowly unbuttoned my silk blouse and slid it off my shoulders, kissing down the side of my neck and over the collar bone and down to my breast. Once the blouse was gone, he expertly unhooked my bra to expose my breasts, licking and nibbling on each nipple , causing a flood of sensations to work their way down to my already wet little pussy... it didn't take long for him to dispense with my skirt and thong, leaving the thigh highs. When i tried to begin undressing him, he took my hands and told me that there would be plenty of time for that, but he was going to concentrate on me because he had neglected his sexy for far too long.

Gently lowering me down to the mattress, he layed down next to me, stroking my face and my breast, down my stomach to my clit.... and began to gently, oh so gently rub.... oh how sweet that sensation was! As i began to moan he covered my mouth with his and kissed me harder and harder as his finger tip gently rubbed..... ooooohhhh! Soon he positioned himself between my legs and began licking my clit...... oh dear god! i can't even begin to describe the intensity of that touch..... all i could do was lay there and accept the waves of pleasure i received each and everytime his tongue moved....slowly the pleasure built and built.... i was no longer in control of what my body did.... my legs and pelvis were moving of their own accord..... i was nearly over the edge when he stopped....

No not yet he said as he unbuttoned his shirt and removed his dress pants, revealing a hard and dripping cock. He told me that he wanted me to cum all over his cock, but first.... first come over here and lay up on the conference table... i want to think about you each and every time i stand up here. Positioning me for comfort he slid that hard long cock in my dripping twitching hot little pussy..... oh yeeesssss! In and out... in and out.... building me up and up..... come on baby he said... cum for your man.... a short time later i did just that.... at no other time in my life have i ever been more grateful to be a woman..... the orgasm took me by surprise in it's intensity..... the waves kept coming and coming..... but he wasn't through.... before i knew it i was cumming again...... omg! this has never happened before..... ! I don't want it to end! As i was cumming the second time, he exploded in me..... good thing no one was around..... they would have thought someone was dying the way we were yelling!

Picking me up he layed me back on the mattress and snuggled me up to him. As we layed there, basking in the afterglow, neither one of us said a word for a while. We just let the moment be what it was.... simply awesome.....

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Hey just stoppin by to say thanx 4 stoppin by, seems the only thing permanant in this life.............. is change.but I quess thats as it should be. word up tho,you seem to like a good time ,I highly recomend stopping by [sexydesaster]s blog ,It her b day bash, and shes making every one that came by yesterday do truth or dare. garronteed to be a good lagh!{Idont know if that linky thingy will work for me ,sigh so much to learn.... if not you can find her on the main blog page} so whatcha waintin fer ya been invited ,go .....have a drink on me!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog ....

Nice story ... hot fantasy!

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