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2/24/2006 10:01 pm

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Touch me there.....ooooooh! oh yes! right there! Uhhuh!'t stop... yesssssss... omg! yesssssssssss.......... a little harder.... right THERE!!!! I'm so wet and ready for u......

Mmmmmm.... i can't think of a better way to spend a boring afternoon at work than daydreaming about sex...... if my office wasn't enclosed in glass i'd close the door and rub my clit through these see through thongs. I'm already dripping wet..... i'd come right here in this big leather chair....what i wouldn't do to have a gorgeous hunk of a man to play with right here in the middle of the day......mmmmmmmm.

Damn... two hours to go to quitting time... sigh... i need a hard cock NOW! Oh well.... let me conjure up another daydream..... mmmmm... well, there is something that i've wanted to do for a while. I just can't find a willing partner at the right time.......

It's a hot summer day, the kind where you just want to lounge around and not really do anything. Cooking and cleaning can wait.... tall frosted glasses of lemonade by the pool are the only thing that really matter. My hunk of a man comes to me and wants to take me for a ride.... but not on his bike today. He wants to exercise the horses, let them get out and stretch their legs.... i laugh... only if i can wear my bikini i say.... baby i don't care what you wear... just come with me. Lol... i look a little funny in my riding boots and my bikini, but my man thinks i'm sexy anyway. (next time though... i'll wear shorts'!) As we head out across the expanse of the back pasture, dark clouds start to roll in. As we reach the creek, a slow warm rain begins to fall. Dismounting, i let the reins fall and motion for him to come to me. Wrapping my arms around him i pull him in close for a deep kiss.... are you serious he asks.... you want to screw here? Why not i counter, no one is around but the horses and i've always wanted to play in the rain.

Before i can say anything else, his mouth covers mine, a long slow deep kiss ensues....his hands untie the strings of my bikini top and allow it to fall to the ground. His mouth slips down to my bare nipple and gently tugs my nipple ring, oh god, just the way i like it too..... oh my pussy is twitching! In swift motion, he has my bottoms off and his bottoms off and i'm on my back on the ground (sweet!) and the warm rain continues to fall on us.... and oh dear god! he's slipped inside me (ok wait a minute.... what happened to playing with the clit and licking it and making me so damn worked up? Mmmmm... i need to work on my daydreaming skills!) ooooooohhhhhhh yyyyyeeeeessssssssssss! he's so hard and ready for this hot, wet, sweet pussy....that's it baby.... slow and sweet.... let me catch up to you.... thrust it deeper,,, oh yes! deeper... while i tug on my rings.... oh fuck yes! oh i'm throbbing with need now! i need to ride you so bad! Oh you bad boy! Got my legs up in the air and won't let me get on top! Please baby! i need to cum all over that hard cock! Laughing he rolls over in the wet grass and pulls me over him.... and i sit down on that luscious cock.... oh i hope heaven feels like this! I ride that hard wonderful cock , ride like it's the last orgasm i'll ever have.... omg! i want to cum so bad, but yet i don't want this incredible feeling to end.... but before long my body has had all it can take and i fall over the edge and scream as i fall.....and as i cum he thrusts up hard in me and explodes and then he is yelling out in pleasure.

We lay there for a while touching, letting the rain fall on us, cooling our skin. Ahhhh... what a way to spend the afternoon!

glancing at the clock i realize that it's almost time to go home..... wow.... i killed a good part of the afternoon just thinking about getting some... mmmmm... wonder what i can come up with to daydream about tommorrow?

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