Naughty Naughty !!!  

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6/30/2006 9:52 pm

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Naughty Naughty !!!

God he fills me up! i thought as he plunged deeper and deeper inside me.. Lord.. pretty soon it's going to be coming up my throat! But oh god don't stop!! Long strokes followed by shorter ones while his mouth found mine, kissing me as passionately as he was stroking my wet pussy....

The fire fanned by flames of desire, soon we were both in a sweet world of ecstasy... mine coming first like ripples on a lake then building up to a tidal wave, a wave that caught him by surprise as my pussy contracted and sent him spiraling on his own waves of orgasm.... laying in each others arms, gasping and panting for breath, i thought back on how it all started....

Some time back, i stopped at a girlfriends' house for a visit... just some girl time, no kids, no men, just two women alternating between screams of laughter and tears of anger... after a while i had to go back to work... my friend tells me about the guy working next door.... just go over and introduce yourself she says.. you talk all the time.. you'll find something to chat with him about... well... i tell ya... i sat there in my car for awhile.. debating with myself. yes i can be quite bold at times... but usually that happens after i have seen a man that puts my horomones into overdrive... i haven't seen this guy yet... do i take the chance??? Mentally slapping myself, i decided that it couldn't hurt... wrote my name and number on a piece of paper (i have to be prepared right??) and walked over to where he was... i mentioned something about how hot it was when i got within hearing distance. he replied... and i finally made it face to face with him.... OMG! The most unusual clear ocean blue eyes i have ever seen.... set in a strong chiseled manly face.... t shirt pulled tightly over abs leaving no question about how in shape he was.. composing myself so that i didn't drool, i introduced myself, asked a couple of questions... talked a bit about my business... chatted a moment... and i had to go to an appointment.. i told him i would bring him some literature for him to look over... cool...

The next day i was back over at my friends', literature in hand... casually gave it to him, told him to look it over and call me if he had any questions... will do.... again i have to leave shortly.... but to my complete and utter surprise, he calls me over the weekend... leaves me a voice mail... i call back... i've been looking over what you gave me... i have some questions... and what kind of questions do you have for me??? ahh.. just some general questions... mmmm.. ok... well.. i'll be back over there monday and we'll talk... ok... monday rolls around... i find him at his truck... he asks a couple of questions...and the conversation takes a new turn... he leans forward and i catch a glimpse of a tattoo on his back... whatcha got back there??? pulling his shirt collar back... i'm tattooed all over he says... lifting his shirt... awesome! looking my legs over and running his hands over them he says... any tattoos on you??? no i say... just have my nipples pierced... raising my shirt and pulling my bra over to the side... before i know it, we have made plans for a nooner.... and what a nooner it was!!!! Pounding and licking and sucking.... ahhh.... music to my ears!!! so now at every opportunity, i play with this bad boy....... it's a wild time to be sure!!

mefunyouhappy 57M
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7/9/2006 7:24 am

terrific writing, and soo sensual, erotic and a passion that speaks to one's desires!

I must visit more often, this is great stuff!

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