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8/30/2005 4:56 pm

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girl on girl

Laying here in the darkness.....thinking over how fun girls night out was...... I keep thinking of all the new friends I have made. A smile creeps to my face. The room is full of shadows..... the light from the front door is lightly touching the room. I look next to me.... your laying there. I can see the light just lightly caressing your face. I look around the room. There are still a couple other girls as well. They are all asleep.. more like passed out. I reach over and brush your dark wavy hair away from your face. I want to touch you, scared to though. My heart is beating faster. I can almost hear it pounding. Having you laying next to me, I am getting more and more turned on. I lightly run my fingers along your bare arm.... You make a slight noise and fall back onto your back. I stop touching you. Holding my breath now. Not wanting to disturb you. I reach down and begin to massage my own breast.... grasping my nipple between my fingers and rolling it back and forth. I can feel my clit beginning to throb. I reach over and caress your cheek slightly. Your eyes slowly open. I look at you. You smile and stretch a little. You start to whisper to me...... but i lay a finger across your lips. Your smile widens. We lay there looking at eachother ..... both of us feeling it, but neither of us able to move. I reach out to run my hand down your cheek again, down to your collar hand runs gently down your arm and onto your hand. you turn your hand over and take mine in yours......placing it on your breast. My heart skips a beat, then begins to beat harder. My breathing is beginning to get shallow. I massage your breast in my hand, feeling your nipple hard under your tank top. I move closer to you. Our faces just inches apart. I feel your hand come up behind my pull me into you and begin kissing me. I kiss you back. Our kiss deepening. We hear someone stirring. I pull back and look around. I stand up and take you by the hand and pull you up. I take you and tiptoe down the hall to the extra bedroom. I close the door then pull you to me quickly. Kissing you hard and passionately. I walk you backwards and lay you down on the carpet. I begin kissing you from head to toe. Your forehead, your cheeks........ i get to your ear....whisper "i hope this is okay....." i bite down on your ear.......your body responds and you release a small gasp. My hands now beginning to explore you. My lips continue moving down.....your neck, your collarbone. My hand lifts your tank top up. I look down at your beautiful breasts. My hand cusps your breast as I take your nipple into my mouth. I begin to swirl my tongue around your nipple, biting down now and then......sucking your nipple into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. I begin to go back and forth between your breasts. Your body moving beneath mine. Pushing against me. I can tell you are wanting more. your breathing is heavy and your moaning quietly. I continue my journey down. My tongue leaving a wet trail down your stomach. I get to the waist of your shorts. My hand begins to rub your pussy over your clothes as I tease you with my tongue. Running it along your pant line, but no lower. Your hands are in my hair.....your body pushing against me. I can hear you whispering ......yes.....

My hand pushes harder against your pussy. I can feel your wetness on my fingers even through your shorts. My hand reaches up and grabs your breast. Feeling your soft breast in my hand........grasping and kneading it. My other hand still rubbing your pussy. My head resting on your stomach. I can feel your breathing. Your stomach pushing my head up with each breath. I slowly push your shorts aside. My fingers begin to trace your lips.......the wetness aiding to slide my fingers up and down your slit. I lay my hand flat and rub just above your clit, pressing firmly. Your hand over mine, pushing me to grasp harder on your breast. Your back arching slightly, pushing your pussy against my hand. I can hear you whisper...."yes......oh please". I position myself in between your legs and pull your shorts off. I spread your legs and lay myself down between them. you can feel how close i am to your pussy. I can smell your sweet scent. My hot breath caressing your wet pussy lips. I let my tongue out......just enough to lick your wet slit. not yet penetrating. I feel you push against me, trying to force my tongue in. I pull back. I position myself so that my arms are under your thighs, wrapping around you. Your legs sitting on my shoulders now. My hands atop your thighs. I grab you and hold you securely. As i do so i shoot my tongue straight into you pussy. Passing over your pussy lips. I can feel your soft wet flesh against my tongue. I lap at you. Licking from your hole to your clit. Pushing my tongue as deep into your hole as possible. Grabbing your thighs tight and using them to pull myself in deeper. I can hear you moaning. Your moans are getting louder and turning me on even more. I look up to see your back arched, your head back....your breasts high in the air. I fuck your pussy hole with my tongue. In and out, over and over.
i let go of your left leg, bring my hand to your pussy. I rub your clit in between my thumb and finger. your clit is so lubricated. I run my fingers down and then back up your pussy......spreading your lips open wide. I lick your pussy up and down. Tasting every drop i can. I move up to you and begin kissing you quickly. Letting you taste your juices. Our tongues pushing against eachother. Biting at each others lips. My fingers are still rubbing your pussy. Just teasing the opening of your pussy hole. I can feel you rocking your body back and forth against me. I quickly kiss and lick my way back down your body til I reach your sweet pussy again. I find your hard clit and begin to flick it over and over quickly. My fingers pushing in and out of you in sync with with my tongue. Your body responding to me. moving with me. your hands playing with your breasts. Grabbing your nipples and twisting them. pushing your hot pussy hard against my face. i continue to focus on your clit........ licking and flicking it......fucking you with my fingers. I can feel the walls of your pussy tightening against my fingers. I can feel your orgasm growing and growing. your body lurches forward, pushing your pussy even harder against my face, thrusting my fingers in even deeper. your cumming all over my mouth and face. I continue to lick you not wanting to stop. you begin to push me away your body shuddering. I pull back, then quickly thrust forward again licking at your sensetive clit. your body jerks and you kick back away from me. i sit back.....i can smell you on me.... you lay back on the floor. trying to catch your breath. I cuddle up next to you and gently begin to caress your bare arms, shoulders...stomach. We lay there for a while, quiet......resting,........til we realize the sun is starting to peek out. We quietly sneak back into the other room and lay back down. We look at each other and smile.

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11/29/2005 3:45 pm

DAMN Right hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooT

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10/6/2007 5:19 am

Dang. That description was enough for me!

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