round two !!!  

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4/21/2006 11:19 am

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8/9/2007 2:39 pm

round two !!!

im leaving to meet my baby.. i an going to see if i can get past the 7 sure it wont be a problem seeing how he always seems to know when and what to do at the right moment... his tongue is like a present from god i swear.. not to mention that cock... my mouth is watering just thinking about his taste and to feel him grow and let loose in my mouth.. i will swallow his sweetness and then the night will begin..uuummm!!what he doesnt know is when we meet for dinner first, he will be in the ladies room soon after and thats where he will get his head.. im so anxious to see how quiet he can me hes going to have a hard time with that....luv a man who is verbal, question is??? how will the customers feel ???LOL maybe i will make him lick my pussy while we are there.. one thing for sure , I WONT BE QUIET !!!!

sultrybaby54Sultrybaby54 kisses all..

rm_moonboy23 37M
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4/21/2006 12:18 pm

tell me more lol...
seems my testestoren full blood
missing somthing
GOOd for you .keep it up

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