delayed flights can be good!!  

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8/9/2006 10:28 am

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8/9/2007 2:32 pm

delayed flights can be good!!

ok so i met this hot guy who flys all over for his business and it seems his flights are always running first it was anoying but i decided to make good use of the waiting time. first i go to the bar and have a few white russians..and think about how good its going to feel when he finally is on the ground and going down on me....... as i start to feel myself get wet i go to the ladies room and pull my panties down and slide my fingers into my pussy and slowly finger myself and pull my fingers out and flick my clit until its nice and hard. i then put my hands on my nipples and begin to squeeze them as if it was his mouth sucking them. i feel my pussy getting wetter and then my clit stands up oh so straight and i squirt all over my fingers as i try to be quiet in the ladies room i cant help but let a little moan out... and stand there for a few until my legs stop shaking..i then pull my panties up and open the stall door to wash my hands and notice a woman was standing there doing nothing. i smiled at her and washed my hands.. i went to the bar and had a drink and in came my hot baby limoinscenter.. i swear he must of landed as i was cumming because in 10 min. he was there. we drank our drinks and he got us a room.. there was no way we could wait to get back home. he took my clothes off and and i took him in my mouth and sucked him till i got his nice hard cock to cum in my mouth....he kissed my neck and and went right to my pussy and the orgasms i squirted out in the ladies room was nothing compared to what he gave me....ohhhhhhh.. so if your babys flight is late occupy yourself.. not only does it feel good it gets you ready to rip his clothes off as soon as you see him , plus he gets all hot because you are ready to fuck the hell out of him...

sultrybaby54Sultrybaby54 kisses all..

rm_nw1foru 50M
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8/10/2006 2:51 am

YOu get hotter every time I read your blog. Keep up the great work !!

rm_TMan049 67M

8/10/2006 3:40 pm

Nice comments especially for a guy like me that travel on planes so often. That includes tomorrow. When I get home on Sunday, I hope I see a note from you.

rm_TMan049 67M

8/23/2006 6:21 pm

Hey I fly all the time and hope I can arrange the same scenario with you. I think we will have the same results.

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