The Conclusion  

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11/27/2005 12:29 pm

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The Conclusion

She struggles against his weight and the wall.. trying to escape the pain and his hold on her. He pulls her skirt up and finds her thighs and cheeks wet. Spreading her cheeks wide and rubbing his near exploding cock around her pussy and tight little hole.. coating his cock. She is moaning? whimpering? Her hips pushing into him, wanting to be feel his hard cock fill her.. but her mind is screaming that she should run. Her body betrays her. Her nipples scraping against the rough brick sends new sensations to her groin and wetness flows down her thighs...

He grinds against her.. kissing her neck roughly, biting her shoulder. Each bite shocks her, sending waves of pain and electricity through her. All the nerve endings raw and alive.. wanting to be touched. The more she tries to move, the more pressure he puts on her. She can hardly breathe. He kisses her, taking the breath she has left. Her eyes grow wide. He enters her pussy slowly..mouth still enclosed on hers; she gasps for air and finds none. He holds her eyes, watching, as his cock penetrates her fully. Her eyes begin to close.. she moans. "Good Girl," and he strokes her wet velvet pussy while he begins to play with her tight little hole. Pressing and circling, using her juices to slide his finger in to ready her for his cock. Her feet are off the ground as he rides her in long full strokes, his finger in her ass following the rhythm. His other hand at her mound.. circling her clit in slow motions, grazing it now and then, making her jump and gasp.

Her cheek is cold against the wall. She is breathing quick and shallow as the tremors shake her. Her legs quake, her tummy tightens and he remains still inside her to feel her pussy contract around him.. the juices flowing around him and down the shaft to his balls. Her entire body convulsing, shaking...needing to be free with the orgasm. She is screaming and panting.. but remains trapped under his weight. As the tremors begin to subside and her breathing start to slow, he pulls out and enters her primed little asshole. Her body stiffens and his cock does too... he waits for a second with his head in her tight hole, feeling the beginning of it's warmth, anticipating her reaction.

She fights the invasion. Moving her hips side to side, which only draws him in further. His body is still pressed into her and he whispers, "Yes, baby, move for me.." Two fingers enter her and massage her.. again, her body betrays her. She moans and pushes into him, inviting more of his cock into her as his fingers pleasure her. He watches as his hard cock slowly disappears into her ass. In and out, faster and harder. She braces herself against the wall. Small grunts as he slides in.. her mouth open, eyes half closed. She is lost in the new sensation, forgetting the circumstance and surroundings. She can only feel the full hard cock in her ass.. rubbing and filling her.. taking her, and the fingers exploring her wet pussy. His fingers work faster and he begins to pound into her. His moans and gasps and her body beginning to shake as he lifts her further off the floor, are the last things she remembers....

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