PARTY GAME TWO -- Truth OR Dare!  

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5/4/2006 1:06 pm

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PARTY GAME TWO -- Truth OR Dare!

With the rousing success of [post 333344], we are now off and running on Party Game Two:


The game is even less complicated than Game One. . . . All you have to do is comment here and tell me if you want a "truth" or a "dare."

Of course, you have no idea what is coming next, do you? Of course not. That's the fun of it. Here's what will happen after everyone signs in with their selected option:

1. On tomorrow's blog, we will identify you and your "truth" to tell, or "dare" to perform. Unless otherwise specified (and you'll see what I mean) you will have 24 hours from tomorrow's post to perform whatever you are required to do.

2. Truths and Dares will be created by the Atlanta Blogger Army Chiefs of Staff ‒ Me, General Caress, Admiral Peachy, and Commander Justa (Justa kinda likes the whole "Commander" thing a little too much, you know what I mean?) Anyway, the four of us will decide your fate.

3. Once the "performances" are done, we will then award a prize (to be determined) to the best "performance" of their truth or dare.

One thing you need to know, though ‒ all of this will play out one way or the other on this site. There will be no Non-Blogville performances (I don't think), except to the extent it is posted on this site. For example, you might be asked to post a blog using the word "cunt" no less than 100 times. Or you might be asked to put up a different photo on your main profile for a day. That kind of thing. Nothing will be over the line, but nothing is off limits either, if you follow me.

And remember, if you haven't RSVP'd to the party yet, you gotta do so here: [post 331771].

Also, keep on Spinning the Bottle until the post goes up announcing the pairings. You guys are making this a hilarious (My Man Mr Real says that should be "an hilarious," but DIE ENGLISH MAJOR, DIE! ) Birthday Week for this happy Disaster….Thank you. Keep it going!

SOOOOOOO . . . . . . . You got the balls to play? BRING IT ON!

--Disaster (ready to fuck somebody's world up with a truth and dare bonanza)


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