Sex Tips  

sexycplhre 56M/46F
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9/12/2006 6:38 am
Sex Tips

1) Tongue Bath
When she is naked lie her down and lick her all over.
Use the tip of your tongue and its full blade to cover neglected areas such as her palms, her feet, her spine, her navel and the crook of her elbow

2) Lazy Foreplay
While spooning slide your cock between her thighs and without penetrating let your head rub against her clit. She sets speeds and pressure

3) Fruit Licks
Taking a bite of a citrus fruit before going down on her will heighten her pleasure as the acid in the fruit enlarges the taste buds thereby making your tongue rougher

4)Glove Jobs
Get some fur lined winter gloves and turn them inside out...the best carresses you will ever find

5) Footsie Plus
Be daring at the restaurant table slip off a shoe and caress her inner thighs before going for her temple. Once she is hot she can move her panties (if she has them on!!!) aside for direct clitoral access

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