About a Male Stripper---But Not Quite  

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About a Male Stripper---But Not Quite

A friend of mine is an honest-to-goodness nmphomaniac. I use to go on double dates with her in the good old days, when was the good old days well you will have to just guess when that might have been. She is fearless, relentless and intensely sexy with all the men she has gone out with.
One evening let's just say it was last month, I talked her into a "GIRLS" Night Out," and we went to a strip club. Taht was where we meet "F" for the first time.
"F" is a black or white guy, five feet six and a muscular hundred and forty-five pounds. He's a little on the short side, but as he gyrated on the stage for us, it was obvious that he had a package that belied his height. We thought at first that he had stuffed his crotch, but my girlfriend later assured me that it was all "F".
After his performance was over, we invited "F" to have a drink with us. Since it had been his last urn for the night, he gladly accepted. It was no surprise to me that my girlfriend and "F" hit it off easily. How could they miss? "F", dark, muscular and very handsome; my girlfriend, a voluptuous, uninhibited blonde with a naturally inviting smile. Soon they were pawing each other with no restraint whatsoever. I took this as my cue to leave, but the next day my girlfriend filled me in on all the details of what had happened after that.
They had left the club in "F" car, headed for my girlfriend's place. She draws a nice salary as an executive assistant, so her apartment is classy. "F" is impressed with the decor, but he was even more impressed wtih my girlfriend.
they started by making out on the couch for a while, and at one point "F" got an idea. "Tell you what, foxy lady" he suggested. "How about I give you a personal show?"
My girlfriend grinned, "Mmm, I like what I see so far, so go ahead and flaunt if for me, "F"."
So he found some music on the radio and went into his routine, which included some bumps and grinds; some seductive removeal of clothing and some salacious body movement. Finally he eckoned her to get up and dance with him. As they swayed to the exciting music, their hands roamed freely over each other's body.
My girlfriend felt something poke at her left thigh, and looked down to see a tremendous bulge in the front of "F"'s bikini briefs. Without warning, she reached for the elastic band and pulled the flimsy garment down. Eight inches of thick, pulsing male flesh leaped immediately to attention.
"F" quickly unfastened my girlfriend's skirt and bra, which was all she was still wearing at this point. He wrapped his muscular arms around her bar middle and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and in this manner the two gorgeous bodies made their way to her bedroom.
"F" drops her onto the bed and immediately dove into her pussy. His skilful tongue soon has her pussy juices flowing freely. When he pulled his head back, he crawled up the bed until he was eye to eye, nose to nose and crotch to crotch with the horny, panting girl beneath him.
She spreads her legs wide, and "F" took perfect aim. He sank his rock-hard cock eight inches deep and graps at her legs, pushing them back towards the headboard till his powerful thighs rests against the cheeks of her milky-white ass. Their mouths came together, their tongues wrestled and they massaged each other's body as the heat intensified between then.
She was soon moaning and panting as "F" pumps away at her. With each thrust, her pussy muscles seemed to tighten further around him as the both built toward a big release, "F" rampant cock mauling her swollen clit.
"F" cries out first as he jets gobs of hot come deep into her body. With him coming inside of her hot, juicy pussy, she gave a deep, throaty groan and several high-pitched moans as she too was swept to the peak of passion.
When their respective tidal waves subsided, the two laided together panting and smiling at each other. Amazingly, "F" cock was still hard inside her, and bothof them seemed to know that this had been just the beginning. My girlfriend could feel him pulsing inside her hot, juicy pussy, which continued to grip his cock tightly.
After a while that grip relaxed, allowing him to slide halfway out of her. She placed both hands on his poweful pecs and twisted his nipples like radio dials. She licked his lower lip and whispered, "I want some more, baby, You have some more for me?"
"F" responed by pulling completely out, then flipping her around so that she faced the wall on her knees. Crawling up behind her, he bent her forward and slid that massive tool expertly back into that still-eager pussy.
She let out a sound that was both a sigh of pleasure and a groan of passion as she felt her insides being spread dramatically by "F" sudden invasion. Not to be outdone, she tightened herself around him again and began swaying her shapely bottom, as if to stir her insides with the giant spindle of his cock. "F" held her tightly around the waist and began pounding her again. His rhythm was relentless as he went deeper, harder and faster with each stroke.
this time it was her who let go first. Her whole body started shaking with the intensity of her orgasm, and her wildly spasming pussy set "F" off only seconds later, causing him to bathe her insides with another torrent of come.
recovering quickly, "F" pulled out of her and hopped off the bed. Giving her a long hard kiss, he announced unceremoniously that he was going to use the bathroom. After he left the room, she decided to get herself a cold drink from the kitchen.
She met him on the way back, in the hallway between the kitchen and the bedroom. One look at her naked body was enought ot restore the lust to his eyes. He reached out for her pulling her into a tight clinch and thrusting his tongue down ther throat as he pressed his still-hard tool against her thigh. They swayed together, kissing wildly. Her hands roaming up and down his gorgeous, sexy dancer's body, eagerly caressing every well-toned muscle, from his hot firm but up to his thick neck.
"F" broke their kiss long enough to look intersely inot her eyes, saying, "God, woman, I could fuck you all night!"
"I was counting on that lover," was her panting reply.
With that he swept her into the living room, where he practically tossed her onto the couch and got right down between her legs, using both hands and his horny tongue to set her crotch on fire. He l icke and sucked on the clit passionly until ti was swollen to the max. When she was all wound up and moaning, he shot forward and grabbed her ankles, pushed her legs back over her shoulders and roared back into her steaming pussy.
"F" was soon jackhammering into her like a horny college football star breaking in a new girl on the block. He pounded her so rapidly that she nearly lost her breath. She hardly had time to match his frantic rhythm before he was flooding her insides with yet another shower of hot sticky cum.
Collapsing on top of her, he massaged her ass with both hands as his tongue again probed her mouth. She responded by caressing his sexy body with both arms and legs, rubbing any part of him she could rub. And still, unbelievably, "F" remained completely hard inside her. Her well-toned pussy muscles playfully massaged his massive too, but this time, instead of respoding to her erotic caress, he licked her left ear and then whispered into it. "If we are going to keep this up, baby, I am going to need some fuel. What you got to eat around here?"

Sorry time to go for now will finish later....

spacecadet561 61M

6/13/2006 2:59 pm

WOW! It sounds like your friend had a wonderful time, and do did "F", which obviously stands for "Fantastic Fucker". I'm waiting to hear what she offered him to eat, other than herself.


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6/27/2006 11:28 am

Welcome to blogging, sexycpl.

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