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3/12/2006 8:33 pm

She always tries to be what others want
She gives her everything to them
She never confuses sex with love
because she has never known the latter

She is beautiful but doesn't know it
She is so intelligent but hides in silence

The blonde bomb shell drinking in the corner
See everyone looking at her like she is meat?
Well we have seen the truth that is underneath
and she is much, much more then that

I wish I could tear down her walls
Shake loose her soul and paint her story
on the outside

I want people to know about the abuse she took
I want someone to care for her like we do
I would like you to talk to her like a human being
Show her that people do look beyond the surface
and prove compassion did not die with Christ

She is the sweet angel of many of my poems
She is the inspiration to much of my sadness
She is someone we could never have as we want to
because society would frown upon us
I would like her to know though that we care for her
She is more then most will ever know
and that depresses me

So look at the party for a beautiful blonde
who has deep green eyes and a sensual smile
playing upon her sexy lips
She is five foot seven and your probably staring at her breasts
I ask you to please take the time to talk to her
and peer beyond the cover
She has more to offer then a piece of ass

She means more to us then she will ever know
She is the saddest creature ever conceived
She is an angel in human skin
and she doesn't even have a clue
because the world has used her

I hate you all for that

She merits love more then any one person could offer
Take the time to skip the skimming

Don't hurt her though
Her tears could kill an angel

~~Copyright Sexycoupleor~~
~~Written a long time ago when my wife and I had been in a polyamorous relationship with a woman. We learned a lot and truly cared for her. We will always care for her in a special way. Society and such pushed against our relationship and good things come to a end. Just a little insight to things we have been through.~~

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