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3/14/2006 4:44 pm

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More Poetry.

Little Yellow Tulips

Everything you say,
I listen so intently.
I file it away,
Put it under lock and key.

And when you smile,
From little added thought,
Its worth my while,
To give you what I brought.

Your eyes shine brightly,
As you give a soft kiss.
I remembered for you,
Simple yellow tulips.

One night years ago,
I caught a word you said,
You wanted yellow tulips,
In our little garden bed.

I filed it away,
Under lock and key,
And gave you yellow tulips,
On our aniversary.

~~Copywriten by Jason Paul Langley~~
~~Writen September First, 2004~~
~~For Shannon with all my love~~

Just thought I would share some of my husbands poetry. Here is a recent photo he took of me last night. He is such a romantic sometimes, but he is such a cutie. I hope you like the poetry as much as I do. Have a great tuesday.


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