I want to move FAR away from the madding crowds  

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5/20/2006 7:49 pm
I want to move FAR away from the madding crowds

forgot that I saw this one twice, once on netflix DVD and again recently on cable. I could not figure out who the actor was playing the pilot until I remembered that he played one of the guards in "The Green Mile".

The Snow Walker (2003)

Charles Martin Smith helms this survivalist adventure tale starring Barry Pepper as cocky, hotheaded bush pilot Charlie Halliday. During a routine stop on a supply run in Canada's Northwest Territories, Charlie agrees to transport a critically ill Inuit woman (Annabella Piugattuk) to a Yellowknife hospital. But the plane goes down in the Arctic tundra, leaving the twosome marooned -- and facing the brutality of the looming northern winter.

Barry Pepper Annabella Piugattuk
James Cromwell Kiersten Warren
Jon Gries Robin Dunne
Greg Spottiswood Brad Sihvon
Samson Jorah Michael Buble


This is a beautiful film, with great directing skills, fine performances, and beautiful cinematography, as well as an excellent script. It is a story of transformation--the change that takes place in a pilot for a small freight airline in the Aleutian islands. His plane crashes in the middle of thousands of miles of tundra--his passenger a young Inuit woman sick with tuberculosis. It is the story of a relationship which develops out of their plight as stranded survivors of the crash, and it is carefully crafted to explore the psychological make-up of both, she a traditional woman of her race, yet able to make contact with a man not of her people; he, a cocky ex-WWII bomber pilot, with a fix on the good life of partying and womanizing. Comes the moment of reckoning, and he does not measure to the task ahead of making back to "civilization." What they discover about each other and how it affects them both is the film--and worth every second of the viewer's time.

I don't know how I would fare way out in the tundra, but for an armchair traveler at times, this film was breathtaking. I'd see it again for sure.


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