Taming women...  

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4/3/2006 2:32 pm

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4/17/2006 1:40 am

Taming women...

Now this is not a late April Fool, and I'm not trying to be sexist, I just thought this was very intriguing....

WHY DO WOMEN have smaller brains than men? Male brains weigh around 1.25kg; female brains weigh on average 100g less.

Apparently a study of foxes might supply the answer.....

From 1959 Dmitri Belyaev, a Russian geneticist, launched a long-term experiment to tame foxes. Selecting from each generation the puppies who were friendliest to humans, and breeding only from them he has produced, 35 generations later, animals that had been transformed from the usual snarling fearfulness of wild foxes into animals similar to domestic dogs; they wag their tails, whine for affection, are submissive, bark like dogs and their ears have flopped.

Now, here's an interesting thing the tame foxes’ brains are smaller. Apparently domestic animals, cats, dogs, pigs etc on average have brains weighing 25 per cent less than those of the wild cousins. Why is a mystery but blood levels of stress hormones are lower in tame than wild animals and that brain levels of anti-stress hormones are higher.

Now, here's the leap to women's brains... could women’s brains be smaller than men’s because, over the millennia, we men have been selecting friendly women with whom to breed? And that therefore we have domesticated them? - I have to say that's not my personal experience!! AND could women, in turn, have selected assertive men?

Interestingly, human skulls of both sexes have been shrinking over the past few tens of thousands of years, suggesting that as human beings have been increasingly domesticated, so they have shrunk their brains – without losing the gender difference.

You shouldn't equate brain size with intelligence, most of our brain is not used and in any event, small brain size seems to optimise emotional intelligence. A recent study for example showed that domesticated foxes were better than wild foxes at reading human social cues. For example, domesticated foxes instinctively understand a person’s intention when he or she points at an object and they investigate it. Social intelligence, therefore, seems to be increased when fearfulness and stress are lowered by selective breeding for tameness.

I think I might end this here before I get into trouble....

sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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4/3/2006 11:34 pm

View point SFW! It certainly puts a new perception on sexy vixens!

tillerbabe 57F

4/4/2006 12:10 am

Good stuff.. and you handled it so well. Yup...I am "officially" domesticated, (I mean being a "sub" and all!) LOL! Now, where's my tea?

sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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4/4/2006 1:46 am

One lump or two Tiller?


helga_hansen 50F
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4/4/2006 10:21 am

Well, I like to equate this to something else...

"It's not the size that counts, but how you use it!!"


PS. Wanna see my MENSA membership card?

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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4/4/2006 12:41 pm


Mind you size can help a bit....

I thought Mensa was the lead singer of the Angelic Upstarts?


sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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4/5/2006 1:42 am

Heavenly - Ouch!

saddletrampsk 55F

4/5/2006 3:44 pm

Women only think with one head..so we dont need to "share" our brain with another "head"

sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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4/6/2006 12:41 am

I'll go with that ST!


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