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How often do men really think about sex – and what are their fantasies? A team at Leeds University psychologists aims to debunk the myths and find the truth

It is a common belief that men think about sex every seven seconds, and when they do, focus on being fawned over by two women simultaneously, probably with a bit of Sapphic action thrown in.

But apparently not, men’s lustful imaginings (despite the evidence of this site) are more humdrum.

According to today's Times (so it must be right!)the average man fantasises at least once a day, and the most common fantasy comprises sex with a known partner.

But face-to-face sex surveys are notoriously unreliable at uncovering the truth, and so psychologists at Leeds University are aiming to conduct a definitive study of male sexual fantasy with an anonymous, confidential survey, to be completed by any male aged between 18 and 90. They plan to capture the entire spectrum of men’s sexual thoughts. What do men think about, and how often do they think it? The use of the phrase “sexual thoughts” rather than “sexual fantasies ” is a deliberate attempt to encompass anything and everything that passes through a man’s mind relating to sex. Absolutely nothing is off-limits – bestiality, , sadism, children, group sex – because the researchers have no real idea about how ordinary, weird or just plain disturbing men’s fantasies can be.

A US study by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University suggests that 54 per cent of men think about sex at least every day, 43 per cent think about it a few times a week or month, and 4 per cent once a month or less. Perhaps that says something about Indiana more than men?

Studies suggest that 91 per cent men upwards fantasise, but men apparently fantasise less as they get older (whether content changes is uncertain); positively for Adultfriend members a frequently exercised imagination is associated with fewer sexual difficulties. So not surprisingly sexually experienced men fantasise more, probably as the lucky bastards have a richer repertoire of material from which to pluck their scenarios!

The Leeds researchers believe the most common sexual fantasy in men is a conventional fantasy such as sex with a loved partner, but that “loved partner” might be current or past. But the Leeds researchers aim to check this as well as exploring the more outlandish reaches of sexual fantasy. They aim to discover for example how common are shoe fetishes or fixations on gas masks (a peculiarly British sexual peccadillo, apparently originating in the second world war when a young' man's first sexual experience may have involved their wearing, well beats a condom)?

Bestiality, paedophilia and where sexual fantasy has the potential to cross over from the titillating to the terrifying will also be covered. They would like to discover what, if anything, distinguishes a man who likes his wife to dress up as a schoolgirl in consensual sex from a man who grooms under-age schoolgirls for sordid encounters? As part of this they will also record the thoughts of sexual offenders, who have turned illicit fantasy into illegal reality.

Apparently the history of sex research suggests that it as unhelpful to talk about deviancy. Gay fantasies were once considered deviant; homosexuality is now legally and, for the most part, culturally acceptable. Homosexuality has lost its status as a paraphilia, which describes an unusual, recurrent, intense sexual urge that robs a person of the ability to function normally within society.

Paraphilias include paedophilia, sadism, fetishism, voyeurism and exhibitionism; individuals devoted to unusual sexual practices are overwhelmingly male.

The researchers see a distinction between thought and action. As an example, it is common for people to have non- sexual fantasies – such as exacting revenge on a hated ex-spouse – that they would never carry out, and they suspect the same is true of sexual fantasies. More than a third of men admit to fantasising about , but thankfully few act on this impulse.

Sounds like an interesting piece of research - and they are after volunteers; so contact Leeds University if you wish to (confidentially) reveal all!


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I think your fantasies progress as you have new experiences and become more open-minded.
I certainly never has fantasies featuring bestiality whan i was younger. However such fantasies are a great turn on if you gain excitement and arousal from a sense of "taboo".


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2/8/2006 1:50 am

I should stress that the picture does not represent my fantasy! It's just meant to illustrate a very traditional 'loved partner'... seemed a good idea at the time!


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