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3/25/2006 12:42 am

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Cam Shows...

This last week, whilst on my death-bed, I heroically did some research deeper into the world of Adultfinder and discovered the world of the web cam....

What a marvellous world, it really could take over on TV from all those make-over programmes, this is the ultimate reality TV...

Perversely one of the most interesting aspects is the broadcaster's surroundings... I saw one lady looking her alluring best in what looked like a set from the 'Young Ones', it just made you want to get over to her and start tidying up, or at least donate a bin.

They were many tidy homes as well of course, some incredibly spic and span, Brie-like you might say. Perhaps too perfect for the subsequent show of abandon. It certainly made me want to reach out and turn all those carefully gold-framed family pictures around so that they could not witness the wriggling down on the carpet.

Plus why oh why did they choose THAT carpet? They certainly did not have broadcasting in mind when they did; and surely it will show the stains up something rotten?!

Then there's the choice of room which varies from the office, to the lounge, to the bedroom to well almost any home in the house (no lav's yet though). Bedrooms can be particularly interesting, there are some loud bedspreads out there and absolutely breath-taking curtains.

Also I love the way the camera is often left on after (or before?) a show so you can see domestic life continuing as the little lady (I didn't wish the guy ones) wanders around in fluffy slippers preparing her breakfast / lunch / dinner (depending on the time zone). It's amazing how many adultfinders own cats incidently.

Oh, and naturally there are the participants. The headless, faceless, ones make great sport trying to catch an unguided glimpse of their features. Those who do show their faces are generally very well turned out, some most have taken hours, but just occasionally you get one who has obviously lost her hair-brush.

The faceless ones vary but some can be a little intimidating with their array of powered toys with which they tackle complex gynaecological manoevres seemingly effortlessley and with great stamina.

And I haven't even considered the outfits... maybe next time

Yep, stuff 'Relocation, Relocation' I've got a new programme to watch with my cup of Cocoa!


saddletrampsk 55F

3/25/2006 1:58 pm

    Quoting rm_sexyfitwoman:
    Well, you have to watch gatorL7, Wednesday's is ass Wednesday, about 8 pm EST. I haven't managed to catch the show yet, but I've watched them other times...
Ass Wednesday..good one

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