Anarchy at a price  

sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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3/4/2006 6:06 am

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Anarchy at a price

Well it's the 30th anniversary of punk and the cash-in's are on the way, those teenage dreams have just become another product to market hard... Ah well, good luck to them, it'll be better than hearing the boybands on the Ad's...

THE threat of anarchy in the UK appears to have been replaced by the certainty of capitalism. The Sex Pistols have been rebranded for business after signing a deal to use their hits as a vehicle to promote luxury brands.

Thirty years after the punk pioneers screamed defiance at the Establishment, the surviving members will cash in with a multimillion-pound deal partnering blue-chip corporations as advertisers seek an association with “rebellion”.

The group were together for little more than 18 months and recorded just one album, Never Mind the Bollocks. The dismissal of their music as nothing more than noise did not bother the group, who were intent on savaging the intellectual pretensions of 1970s rock.

A generation on, Range Rover and British Airways are among the companies to have approached John Lydon (the erstwhile Johnny Rotten) for permission to use hits such as Pretty Vacant, God Save the Queen and The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle as the soundtrack to global campaigns.

Universal Music Publishing Group has bought the rights to the band’s catalogue and been given express permission to “fully maximise the value” of compositions.

Harvey Nichols, beloved of posh ladies, has been first to sign up for a little anarchy with a Sex Pistols summer window display across international outlets featuring the band’s music, artwork and lyrics, to mark the 30th anniversary.

There will be a range of “anarchy” ringtones, and other possibilities include Sex Pistols action figures and a musical about their inflammatory history. Songs will be placed in advertisements and film and television soundtracks. Band-approved guidelines for Sex Pistols opportunities, seen by The Times, request: “Commercials with kudos and creativity – iPods, MP3 players, technology, mobile phones, luxury cars and sport brands.” Anything “with the focus on anti-Establishment/punk ideals” is sought.

Universal hopes to generate £1 million a year from deals.

(FRom today's Times)


rm_FreeLove999 47F
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3/4/2006 6:37 am

ah! the endless power of capitalism to recuperate rebellion. marvellous, innit?

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sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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3/4/2006 9:06 am

Ahhhhhhh but there are still some bands holding the punk torch; TV Smith with a great new album, the Briefs, the Dickies, UK Subs.... so don't give up hope yet FreeLove999, oh that reminds me, and there's 999


saddletrampsk 55F

3/4/2006 7:00 pm

Can you imagine I used to be a punker chick back in the days..

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