Born to suck!  

sexyasianwomen 39F
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11/21/2005 10:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Born to suck!

He slipped his hand under her sweater and played with her nipples and tits, and just like he had told her, no bra or panties. Her nipples became hard as he twisted them between his fingers, he then asked her what she wanted, and she whispered back, "To your suck your penis." "Let me see your tits first," he said, "lift up your sweater, show me!!!" She pulled up her sweater exposing her chest to the young stud as he leaned over and took a hard nipple into his mouth and greedily nursed on the hard nub. After a few minutes he stood up, unzipped his fly, and ordered her to take out his prick. After kneeling down, she slid her soft hand into his pants and found his now hard dick. Gently she pulled the big boner into view where upon she started kissing the head of his now fully erect member. It was times like this that she was glad she was a female! There was just nothing like sucking the cock of a young stud, especially when they were hung like him! He was moaning and begging to cum in a woman's mouth! More than happy to oblige, she worked her mouth up and down the erect penis, stopping now and then to give the head a good hard suck. His groan and nut tightening let she know that a load of cum was cumming her way! She thought he had the sweetest cum, and as it shot into her mouth she ran it over her tongue, savoring it's texture and taste, finally swallowing the precious nectar!After he had composed himself, he kissed her deeply and slipped his hand under her skirt. No panties! Taking his finger he quickly found her clit and quietly jerked her off as she groaned as the orgasm filled her pussy while leaning against he was the only way she kept from falling over!

rm_wantu2cum305 44M

11/22/2005 11:01 am

keeping you from loosing your balance i order you to stand against the wall and the same way you knelt and worshipped me i will do the same for you. While kneeling I tell you to spread your legs and search for the clit that my tongue aches to taste. How jealous the tongue is of the finger. With great care and gentleness I lick your opening and savor the first taste of your juices and and inhale deeply to memorize the aroma of your love juice.....

lady_n_blk_bisx 42F
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11/26/2005 10:03 am

my favorite 3some thing is; i lay on my back, u on top , we 69 and eat each other's pussys until we almost orgasm. then my bf comes up behind you and fucks ur pussy until u orgasm so hard you squirt and drip ur pussy juices on my face and in my mouth. and then i lubricate your ass with your pussy juices. he is rock hard again and slowly genly slides his cock in to ur ass. he fucks ur ass without a condom until he shoots his sperm inside ur the excess sperm oozes out of ur ass it drips on my face...then he jams his cock down my throat and finishes jerking his load in my mouth...i taste his cum and ur ass juices from his cock...then i sit up and french kiss ur mouth deeply and push some of his sperm from my mouth into ur mouth and we share his load in our mouths as we passionately and wild kiss spreading his sperm on our mouths and tongues until we then each swallow his warm pearly cum.

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