part 1  

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part 1

The possibilities were endless. I could do whatever I wanted, and never suffer the consequences. I could nearly effortlessly jump timelines.The power was nearly overwhelming.

Outrageousness was my mantra. Nothing, no experiences were beyond my abilities to stage. I simply marked my departure from the prime timeline, and began the events that would define the adventure. When I had finished with the timeline, I simply returned to timeline prime and voila, it was as though nothing had ever happened. Only my memories remained of the extinct timeline. The power was heady.

I began my first adventure early in the first week after the power had made itself known to me. I had found that I could mark multiple time along the timeline and return to any with simply a thought. After marking some safe times, I wandered off to find a weapon store. Having never owned a gun in my life, I figured it was about time. The trick was to mark the time before I owned it. That way I could always return to a time before I owned a weapon if something went awry.

After picking up a hand gun. I stopped time. I wandered through the empty city as though I owned the place. My feet took me into a quiet suburb where I began my search. I picked a small side street where it appeared that there wouldn't normally be any trouble.

With time stopped and no chance of being caught, I began to break systematically into the houses along the street. Nobody home in the first house. Second house had a dowdy housewife watching some soap opera. Third house, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I wandered into the living room, poking into drawers and closets along the way. Here I found a woman, couldn't have been more than 18 or so, in the middle of exercising when I stopped the clock. She had all the curtains drawn on the place and was currently in the middle of a left lunge. Buck naked. I could still see the instructor image burned into the frozen phosphor on the television that she was exercising to.

I quickly checked out the rest of the house. Completely empty. I returned to the living room and checked out her nude, frozen form. She was quite a lady. Long trim legs. Perfect breasts. Cute face. Long blond hair pulled up into a pony tail for her exercising. I could still see the sweat on her body from her exercising.

This I had to see. I moved off to the kitchen where I still had a good view of her, but it was unlikely that she'd see me unless I wanted her to. I extended the sphere of influence to encompass the house. Suddenly the scene in front of me jumped to life. The girl instantly resumed her exercising. I watched her lithe body stretch and move. Her muscles tight and firm dancing across the floor in front of me.

I watched for about half hour, after which the exercise tape was over and the woman collapsed on the floor, breasts heaving with exhaustion. I watched, amazed, as she moved her right hand slowly tracing down her bare body, caressing it, until it came to a rest between her legs. I watched as she slowly lost herself in her own ecstasy and came loudly on the carpet. Her breathing began to slow, as I walked out of the kitchen.

She must have sensed me, because she came up to a sitting position almost instantaneously, her eyes wide, her hands flying up to cover her breasts. Her eyes immediately jumped to the gun I was holding in my left hand, widening still further and she began to shake.

"Calm down," I said to her, "I won't hurt you."

"Wh-wh-wh-at do you want?", she asked just above a whisper.

I sat down on the couch, leaving her huddling on the ground in front of me.

"Your name?".

"Why should I tell you that? What do you want from me?"

I turned the gun towards the ceiling and let a shot go. The load report surprised even me, but the girl on the ground in front of me screamed.

"Christi. Christi Lasalle. Please don't hurt me. Please."

"Okay, Christi. That's a pretty name. Do you live here alone?"

"Yes. I mean no. My mother lives here too but she works."

"No father? Brothers? Sisters?"

"N-n-no. Not here."

"Why were you exercising like that? Nude I mean?"

"Oh, please let me go?"

"Why were you exercising like that? I'm not going to ask again". I just ignored her plea, and leveled the gun at her.

"Because I'm more comfortable like this when I'm exercising. Can I get some clothes please?", she quickly replied, eyeing the gun.

"No. I like you like that."

"Oh God."

"Alright, on your feet." I waved the gun at her again.

She scrambled to her feet, still trying to cover herself. I let her for now. Lots of time to play later.

"Okay, I want you to walk ahead of me, not too far, we are going to the store."

"Like this? Please, you'll get caught. Don't make me do this. Please."

"Come on."

She marched ahead of me as I pressed the gun into her bare back. She gingerly opened the front door and stepped through. I guess at this point she figured that somebody would see her and call the cops. She stared at the still world in front of her, not quite comprehending what was happening to her. Cars stopped on the road. People frozen in midstep. Birds caught in mid-air.

"What's going on?" she asked in a very bewildered voice.

"Shut up and march." I motioned her to walk down the middle of the street. Even though it was pretty obvious that nobody was going to notice us, I suspect she had some real trouble getting used to the idea that she was completely naked, walking down the middle of the street.

We walked down the street to the nearest hardware store. I forced Christi to get a shopping cart as we wandered the still store. I had her pick up multiple coils of rope, chain, a dog collar, clothespins, dowels, eyebolts, drills, and various other seemingly innocent hardware. I could see her shuddering as she realized what these seemingly innocent items might be used for. I saw her glancing around seeing if there was a way to escape.

"You want to escape don't you?"

"N-n-n-oooo." she almost wailed. Afraid of what was going to happen to her.

"Try. I won't shoot you. Promise." I needed her to realize what was happening to her. That escape was near impossible. Even if I didn't have a gun.

She looked at me with hopeful eyes. She didn't have to be told twice. Her long legs took her in flight as fast as a frightened hare. I watched quietly as she reached the front doors and forced them open. I concentrated on narrowing the sphere, so that when she passed outside of the doors, she fell out of time. I slowed time to a crawl as she passed the glass doors and watched as her nude form became exceptionally slow, almost to the point of stopped. If I had stopped time, then she would have passed beyond the time event horizon and found herself back in the livingroom in exactly the way I found her. Then we'd have to go through all this again. Though I didn't mind that, I kind of wanted to continue with this adventure and see where it took us.


Chapter 2
I took my time wandering over to her. I stuck the gun in her bare ribs and released her from the slow time region. She glanced down to see the gun in her ribs and sighed.

"So I can't escape."

I nodded. "Technically, I don't even need this thing." I prodded her in the ribs with the barrel of the gun. She flinched.

"But if I have to use it, to make you do as I say, then I will ..."

She just hung her head in resignation.

"Come on, back into the store."

I guided her back to our cart.

"Put your hands on the bar." Silently, she did as she as told. I took a package of soft cord from the shelf and had her cut a piece about six feet long.

"What are you going to do with this?"

"Put you hands back on the bar." I began to lash her wrists to the cart.

"Please no. I won't go anywhere. I can't. I promise to be good. Do what you say. You don't need to tie me up."

"Be quiet", I ordered. She shut her mouth pretty quick. "Now stay there."

I cast a bubble of normal time around her, while I wandered through the store, picking up a few items here and there as they caught my fancy. In the last aisle, I came face to face with a frozen girl of about twenty, apparently looking through the paint section. She was long legged and had small breasts, which were pressing against her sweater as she reached up to see a can of paint.

My mind started working overtime and I walked into the adjoining aisle. I cast a bubble around her allowing her to continue in normal time as though nothing had happened. I heard her sigh as she came down from her frozen stance. At this point she still wasn't aware that there was anything unusual. Time had simply continued for her. I popped the gun in hand and rounded the
corner. She glanced up but didn't really register anything unusual yet. I walked slowly down the aisle looking at things as I went, as though I was shopping. As I passed her, I quickly jammed the gun into the small of her back.

At the sudden move, she let out a small scream. I heard the scream echo around the store and I heard Christi cry out softly. I whispered in her ear, "Nice and slow turn around. And no more screams."

"What do you want?"

"Not sure yet, lets take a walk."

Unsure about what was going on, but knowing that the gun was there, the new woman walked slowly in front of me. I could just see her expression as she realized that the rest of the world was frozen. But she didn't ask what was going on. She just numbly continued on. I carefully guided her away from the area where I had left Christi bound and nude, so she wouldn't panic.
Along the way I picked up a few more coils of rope. Near the cash register I found a straight backed chair on display.

"Okay, pick up that chair." The girl obeyed, with a furtive glance at the gun. "Purse." She handed me her purse. I quickly rifled through it until I found her keys and her wallet.

"Please take the money and let me go ...", she pleaded while holding the chair.

I checked her wallet. License made out to Kimberly Blake, 21. I dropped the wallet back in the purse and left it on the floor. I guided Kimberly out to the main aisle of the store where there was more room. I had her put the chair down while I considered my next move.

I sat in the chair while making Kim move some of the larger displays out of the way. I enjoyed the view of her body as she struggled to move some of the larger items. After she was done and breathing hard, I got out of the chair and placed it in the middle of the floor that she had cleared. I motioned for her to sit in the chair. Tentatively, she did.

"Hands behind the chair."

"What are you going to do?"

"Just tie you into the chair. That's all. I won't hurt you if you cooperate."

I saw her briefly consider if she could somehow get away while I was behind the chair, but thought better of it and simply placed her wrists behind the chair back like I'd asked. She obediently crossed her wrists, and allowed me to tie them securely behind her. She weakly pulled against the bonds but quickly discovered that she was going nowhere. I secured her wrists to
the bottom rung of the chair with another piece of rope. I then had the frightened woman put her ankles on the outside of the chair legs where I securely lashed them.

"You don't need to have it that tight," she complained.

"Don't worry, you won't be there long. I just need to keep you out of the way for a while ..." I watched as she relaxed as much as she could.


Chapter 3
I walked back to the place where I'd left Christi tied to the shopping cart. She had moved a little down the aisle, but not far from where I left her. I glanced at her.

"I was thinking of trying to escape again, but then realized that I didn't have a hope. So I was just looking at the aisle while I waited," she hurriedly explained. I suspected that she was lying, but that was of no consequence.

"I want you to meet a new friend of mine. Her name is Kimberly."

"You grabbed another one, didn't you?". I just smiled and prodded the nude girl with my gun. That got her moving towards the center of the store where I had Kimberly tied into the chair. Picked up a pair of shears and a utility knife on the way. I watched as Christi walked slowly with her attached cart, admiring the way her bare legs moved and loving the sound of her bare feet as they moved against the tile of the store.

As we rounded the last corner, I heard Christi gasp as she saw the woman immobilized in the chair. I saw Kimberly's mouth drop as she watched the nude woman walk around the corner tied to the cart.

I had Christi stop. And I carefully unwound the rope holding her hands to the cart. She idly rubbed her wrists while waiting for my next instructions. I handed her the shears.

"Don't even think that you can get at me with those before I blow big holes in you."

Christi mutely nodded.

"Now, I want you to carefully cut all the clothing off Kimberly."

"Please no. I'll do anything. I'll strip for you. Anything. But please, untie me. Please ...", Kimberly wailed as it sunk in what I was planning.

I heard Christi whisper to the bound woman, "I'm sorry, I don't want to do this ...". But I let it slide, for now. Perhaps later I would punish her for that.

I leaned back on a wall and watched as Christi slowly cut the clothes off Kimberly until she was sitting in the chair in only her bra, panties and shoes. Kimberly was quietly sobbing, but for a nearly nude woman tied to a chair in a frozen hardware store, she was holding up pretty well.

"Now, Christi, I want you to get her shoes off."

Christi knelt down on the floor and struggled with the other woman's shoes until she managed to work them off. The socks were cut off in short order. Kimberly now sat barefoot in the chair.

"Now the bra and panties."

Kimberly pleaded again. "Please no. Let me keep them, please."

"Kimberly, do I have to gag you?"

Kimberly's mouth snapped shut and she quietly shook her head as she resigned herself to the fact that she was going to be as naked as Christi in moments.

I watched, rapt, as Christi cut away the final items of covering from Kimberly's body. Her bare breasts falling into view, and the soft down between her legs becoming visible as Christi pulled the scraps of cloth from Kimberly's body.

Kimberly sat there, unable to cover herself and hung her head in shame. She sat nude, tied and humiliated in the middle of a hardware store. Naked for me and Christi, bound to a chair amongst the tatters of her clothing. All this in a world without time, when all she had done was go out to the wrong hardware store at the wrong time to pick up paint. She would forget this whole experience soon enough. But I wouldn't.


Chapter 4
"Alright Christi, put the scissors down. Come here."

Christi padded over. "Hands behind your back."

Christi quietly obeyed. I slipped some cord around her slender wrists, pulling them tightly together. Christi cried out a bit at the tightness, but didn't bring herself to complain.

I positioned myself to get the best view.

"Christi, I want you to make love to Kimberly. And I had better get a good show. If you both don't orgasm within twenty minutes, I think I'm going to have to punish you both."

Kimberly simply wailed.

Christi closed her eyes and started to move towards Kimberly. "Please don't make me do this. I don't know if I can do it. I've never been with a woman. I'm not into girls. Please."

I simply motioned her forward.

Resigning herself, she padded forward. Hesitantly, she tried to kiss Kimberly.I could see Kimberly resist. She turned her head away from Christi with a shudder. Christi, pulled weakly at her bound wrists in frustration. I could hear her whisper to Kimberly, "I know, I don't like it either, but if we don't at least try, he is going to hurt us, I'm sure of it. Please."

Kimberly just shook her head. And whispered back, "I can't. I'm so sorry. I just can't."

Christi, resigning herself, worked her way down Kimberly's bare body. I could see Kimberly shudder, as Christi began to work her tongue around her bare breasts. Lightly flicking the now erect nipples with her tongue. Softly biting at them. Eyes closed.I could see Kimberly was almost enjoying the touches but she consciously was avoiding any pleasure. That was going to cost her, I decided. At least Christi was doing her best.

I watched as Christi worked up her courage and slowly slipped to her bare knees in front of the chair. Kimberly struggled to close her legs but the ropes held her ankles very securely to the outside of the chair making her vagina accessible to Christi. I saw the tormented woman take a deep breath and lower her face between Kimberly's bound legs. I wandered up to see her shame close up as her tongue gently caressed Kimberly's outer lips. Startled by my presence, Christi began to run her tongue between the lips, searching for Kimberly's clitoris. Kimberly was pulling against the ropes, trying desperately to free herself from this humiliation. Naked. Tied. Having another woman making love to her.

I let Christi continue for about twenty minutes. With Kimberly's refusal to cooperate, I wasn't surprised that she was unable to accomplish her task. But I had to give her credit for trying. Then I figured it was about time to follow through with my punishment. I had some idea that this was going to be necessary, so I'd been considering to what to subject the girls.

"Come on Christi, we need to get some things."

Her face registered some concern, but she struggled to her feet and moved ahead of me to the sports area. There we found a nice pingpong set, complete with paddles encased in rubber. Christi's face began to really register concern as I picked up the kit. She began pulling at the ropes on her wrists as we marched back to the center of the store.

"Okay girls. I told you that if you both hadn't orgasmed in twenty minutes, there was going to be punishment." Kimberly looked at the paddles and just moaned. "But, I think that Christi was really trying, while someone else really didn't make much of an effort here." I gave a withering glance directed at Kimberly. "So, I'm going to give Christi three spanks only. Then she is going to give Kimberly her punishment since Kimberly was probably most of the cause."

"Oh God. You're going to spank us? Please. Please don't. I tried. Really I did."

"I know Christi. But how will you ever learn to obey me, if I don't discipline you?"

"Oh God. Please."

"Come here. Over my knee."

Christi hadn't been spanked since she was a small girl. And never nude. And certainly not bound as she was. She felt completely self conscious as she meekly draped herself over her captor's lap, bare bottom available for the paddle.

"Now Christi, this is going to hurt like hell, but remember you are only going to get three. I want you to count them off."

I gave the poor squirming woman three good swats on the bare behind. As instructed, she counted them off, between sobs. I could see Kimberly watching in fascination as Christi took her spanking.

After the third time, I released the sobbing woman and she fell to her knees trying to ease the pain in her behind with her bound hands. I took pity on her and released her hands allowing her to rub her red ass.
She'd need her hands free for the next adventure, anyway.

After giving Christi some time to recover, I handed her the paddle that I'd just used on her.

"Now, I want you to use this on Kimberly. If I think that you are holding back, you get another five. I think that you should paddle Kimberly twenty times for her disobedience. Remember that her disobedience caused you to get punished as well."

"Oh God, I don't want to punish her. Please don't make me do this. I can't hit another woman. It's not right. Please."

I just motioned her to continue.

"But I can't do it. I can't. Besides, she's tied up sitting. I can't hit her."

"Look. If you don't start paddling, I'll paddle you again. Hard. And I might just tie you the same way and paddle your breasts next, just as I expect you to paddle Kimberly. Or maybe I'll let Kimberly paddle you until you agree to paddle her. I'm almost sure that I could convince her to do it."

"Oh God. I can't hit a woman there. Do you have any idea how much that will hurt?"

"Well, no, but I imagine that it would hurt an awful lot. Maybe that will convince her to be more cooperative."

Kimberly broke down at this point and began struggling against her bonds realizing what was about to happen to her poor defenseless breasts.

"Please don't paddle me. I'll do anything. I'll enjoy Christi. I'll come for you. Anything. Please don't make her hit me. Please. Please." I could tell that Kimberly was beginning to see that I was pretty serious about her cooperation.

I wandered over to Christi and gently took the paddle from her hand.Then without warning, slapped the broadside of the paddle against the side of her right breast. Christi's face registered the shock of the blow and then she screamed, reaching up to cradle the breast which no doubt was stinging beyond belief. Tears of pain sprung to her eyes.

"Now, do you think that you can take twenty of those while bound to a chair?"

Christi imagined herself bound as Kimberly and realizing that there was absolutely no way that she could take twenty paddles to the breasts. Her right breast felt like it was on fire and she knew that I hadn't given the paddle full force. Worse, it was only on the side of the breast. Imagine the pain if I had caught a nipple.

Christi, tears in her eyes, her face a mask of resignation, gently took the paddle from my hand and padded to Kimberly. Crying, I could hear her tell Kimberly to be brave, and that she was so sorry, that she didn't want to do this but it was going to happen one way or the other. And that she was far less strong than her captor. The blows wielded by the woman wouldn't be nearly as bad as from me.

Christi began by gently slapping Kimberly's right breast on the side.Tears had begun at Kimberly's eyes, but she was determined not to cry out.

"Christi. What did I tell you about going easy on her? Hmmmm? I want to see some serious spanking here, and some had better hit her nipples. Now start over."

Christi just moaned. She closed her eyes and brought the next paddle down hard on Kimberly's left breast. I watched as Kimberly's left breast danced crazily on her chest and she pulled in a big breath of air. To her credit she still hadn't cried out. The next paddle caught her right breast and this time she screamed as the paddle touched her right nipple.

This went on for about fifteen minutes, with the girls resting and crying throughout the whole ordeal. By the end, there was not an inch of skin that was not an angry red on Kimberly's tits. I wandered forward and fondled the sore skin feeling the incredible heat radiating off Kimberly's tits. Christi had fallen to her bare knees after the twentieth spank and sobbed. I think it was harder on Christi to hit the other woman than for Kimberly to receive the blows.

"You bastard," Christi managed to gasp out from her kneeling position.

I just smiled as I bound her wrists behind her back again. "I'll bet she's more cooperative after this. Now, make love to her."

Christi, still crying, but without hesitation crawled forward and began to tongue Kimberly. Kimberly, still sobbing from the humiliation and the pain in her tits, moved her hips as best she could to the comforting licking from Christi. Within ten minutes, Kimberly had orgasmed in the ropes. Immediately, Christi had climbed to her feet and still crying had positioned herself over one of Kimberly's bound knees. Slowly she began rubbing her bare vagina against the smooth skin of Kimberly's leg and within ten minutes had worked herself to an orgasm as well. As she slipped to the floor in humiliation, and exhaustion, I wandered over and petted her head. I quickly slipped a dog collar around her throat and ran a chain with a padlock to a nearby pillar. I left her hands securely bound behind her.

"You can rest now, I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Take your time," Christi replied from the floor


Chapter 5
I quickly gathered the items that we had picked up in the store and returned with them in a bag. I then took a length of soft rope and wrapped it securely around Kimberly's red and sore tits.

Kimberly was not happy about it, "Please let me go? My tits are so sore, please, please leave them alone. Not there. I did what you wanted. Please let me go."

I ignored her and tightly wrapped the base of her bare breasts until they bulged uncomfortably.

"Okay, you have your choice," I told Kimberly, "either I can put clothespins on your nipples which will stay there for a few hours, or I can get Christi to spank your tits again while they are bound like that."

"What kind of choice is that?" Kimberly shot back at me from her bound position."God, if I'd known you were going to torture me like this, I'd never have let you tie me up."

"You didn't have a choice. Now I am giving you one. Choose."

"I can't choose."

"All right, Christi, get the paddle ready."

"Oh God, not that. It hurt like hell before you tied my tits up. Oh god. No, I can't take that. Please. I choose the clothespins."

"Too late, you should have picked when you had the chance."

"Oh God, please have mercy."

"Beg me."

"Please. Please. Oh God, mercy."

"Beg me to put clothespins on your nipples rather than a tit spanking."

"Jesus. I can't ... please put your damnable clothespins on my bound tits. Please don't spank them, they hurt so horribly, I can't take another spanking, please I'll do anything you want. I'll suck, I'll crawl, I'll do anything, but please don't spank my tits again. Please, the clothespins. Please."

I reached forward and stroked her exposed right nipple. With her tits bound the way they were, and recently paddled, her sensitive nipple came erect very quickly. I quickly snapped the clothespin onto her nipple causing her to scream as the unrelenting pressure was transferred to her aching tits.I waited until the pain in her breast had become a dull ache, and then quickly did the same thing to her left breast.

I showed her the paddle. "Thank me for allowing you to beg for the clothespins."

"Argh, you bastard," she managed to choke out between sobs.

I brought the paddle closer to her exposed tits.

"Alright, alright, thank you for letting me beg. Thank you for putting those evil pins on my nipples. I deserved it."

"We'll be back in a while to see how you are doing."

"Please don't leave me like this. They hurt so much."

I released Christi's hands from behind her back, and gathered up the chain attached to her collar. I cast a bubble of normal time around Kimberly, so that she would remain in the chair and feel her tortured tits while we were gone.

I spoke to Christi, "Now you are going to crawl home. And everytime I think you are moving too slow, you get one of these." I brought the pingpong paddle down onto her bare ass which made her cry out and stumble forward on her hands and knees.

She began to crawl slowly towards the front of the store.

Christi couldn't believe the events of the last few hours. She had been kidnapped, naked, made to walk down the middle of the street nude to the hardware store. Then bound, and forced to hit and torture another bound and naked woman. Then make love to her, and now forced to her hands and knees, breasts swinging between her pistoning arms, crawling down the middle of the street as though she was her captor's pet. Her whole body flushed at what she had become.

When she had finally crawled back to her home, I let her rise off her hands and knees. Her palms and knees were red and sore from the long crawl and the harsh pavement but she didn't complain.


She obediently held out her slender wrists. I slipped a pair of handcuffs around her wrists and snapped them closed.

"Please, you don't need to keep me tied up. You know I can't escape."

I ignored her, "Where's your car?"

Christi padded to the garage and opened the door with difficulty considering her bound wrists. A Jimmy 4x4 sat in the garage.


"They're in the house. Are you going to let me go?", we began to walk back to the house.

"Not yet, but eventually I have to return the world back to its normal state.At that point you'll return to your living room, where you'll continue your work out as if nothing had happened here. You won't remember a thing."

"How do you control the world like you do?"

I felt like talking, "I just control time with my thoughts. The rest of the world has simply lost its fourth dimension of time. Everything is stopped. But I can slow it down, and I can get it to flow normally, like it is for us. The rest is just smoke and mirrors. I can't get caught because nobody has the time to do it. Simple. And after I tire of this game, I can just return the world to the state it was in before I messed with it. And you don't remember a thing."

By this point we had gotten the keys. And were walking back to the garage.

"Can anyone control time?"

"Well, you have to know how, but I think so, yes."

"Why are you doing this to me? Why me?"

"I am doing this, humiliating, tormenting and controlling you because I like to. And I can. Why you? Because you happened to interest me. Simple."

She lost herself in thought for a moment. "Will you let me torment another woman if I do everything you ask?" she asked me shyly.

This completely threw me. She had been so opposed to torturing Kimberly in the store. Was it a trick of some kind? Or was she trying to get into my favour so that I wouldn't treat her as badly? Making the best of a bad situation? I'm not sure it mattered one way or the other. Either way it had me intrigued.

to be continued.......

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