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new snow

Bells jingling, Selika pulled the cart through the complete darkness at a trot. It wasn't really dark, but to the elf girl it was, as her eyes were completely sealed by a blindfold attached to her bridle. Her driver, a male human, kept himself carefully alert to any obstacles that might be in their path. She had been to this part of the property many times before, but she was unaware of it. She had been in harness for a couple of hours now, and her mind was fully in "ponyspace." It was a kind of trance, really; the only things she was aware of were her body and the reins that controlled her. Even the passage of time did not properly register to her.
She was in full ponygirl kit. The bridle not only included the blindfold that rendered her totally dependent on the reins for direction, but also included the bit and the straps that held both bit and blindfold in place. The bit was shiny metal, wrapped in leather only where it pressed against the slave girl's teeth. The straps around her head held it firmly in place, forcing her to bite on it. A short flat flange extended in front of the bit, laying on top of her tongue. The stud that pierced her tongue had also been put through a hole in the flange and then secured, rendering her tongue immobile. With the apparatus in her mouth, Selika could not keep herself from drooling onto her ample breasts. Hard exertion could even make the elf foam at the mouth, a humiliation that human ponygirls were not susceptible to.

There were two sets of reins controlling the ponygirl. One set attached to the rings on either side of the bit, like on a regular horse's bridle. The second set ran through those rings and down to the rings that pierced her nipples. This second set gave an added dimension of control and made every rein command an intimately sexual experience for the girl.

Her current outfit did not include a corset, her driver having decided that the restrictive garment was inappropriate to the exertions he was putting her through that day. Instead, she was wearing an upper torso harness, one that did an excellent job of displaying her beautiful, pierced breasts. It lifted, separated, and flaunted them brazenly. The harness also secured her arms behind her back. Elven physical limberness added to a century's worth of stretching exercises allowed her arms to be bound in a most unusual way: Hands pulled up between the shoulder blades, forearms pressed together vertically all the way from wrists to elbows. No ordinary person's arms could be put in that position without the shoulders dislocating, but for Selika, the position wasn't even that uncomfortable.

Selika's midriff was bare, except for the ring in her navel and the light, belled chain that ran through it as it circled her waist. Below the chain, a wide leather belt was buckled tightly in place across her hips, but left her ass and pubic region exposed. On each side of the belt was attached one of the two arms of the light, two-wheeled sulky the ponygirl was pulling.

Her feet were encased in boots that went halfway up her calves, made and strapped on tight enough to provide considerable ankle support, even though the full block soles of the boots kept her heels at least a handspan off the ground. Selika's dress pony-boots, usually worn with the corset, also provided good ankle support, even though they were spike heels and even higher.

Selika's jewelry was designed to both beautify and arouse her. Her earlobes were triple-pierced, with the front pair normally supporting dangling earrings; however, her driver did not care to have such jewelry up against the reins, so she had only three small silver loops in each ear. Another similar loop pierced the elf's nasal septum.

Selika's nipples were the most forward-thrust part of her body, and reins were not the only things attached to their rings. Each also supported a belled dangler that jingled as she moved, and another light chain hung between the two rings. The bouncing of the chain and the bells as she trotted along sent sensations from the slave-girl's nipples straight to her pussy, and by itself would have been enough to keep her hot and bothered, even if merely being a ponygirl did not.

To her pleasure and dismay, however, there was more. Nothing was attached to the single pair of rings in her inner labia, but the same could not be said of the two pairs of rings in her outer lips. A light chain hung from the front ring on each side to the back ring on the same side. As the ponygirl's legs worked, the chains stroked her high inner thighs; the constant jostling of the chains kept the labia rings in motion, a direct stimulation the girl could never ignore. Furthermore, yet another dangler hung from Selika's clitoral ring. Its motion was never enough to let her climax by itself, but it kept her wishing it would.

Ponyplay was already one of Selika's favorite activities; just being in harness and controlled was enough to turn her on. The "trimmings," as she thought of the rings and danglers attached to her body, only added to the experience for her.

In addition to the bells attached to her nipples and circling her waist, there were bells circling both of her ankles and attached to her torso harness. Her long midnight-black hair was pulled into-what else-a ponytail, one that reached to her waist. Let down, her mane reached her hips.

The ponygirl ensemble was completed by another ponytail, this one of hair black enough to match the elf's own hair, attached to a dildo that had been mounted securely in her rectum. A single strap ran up her back from the ponytail dildo to the back of her bridle; it served the double duties of holding the ponytail in place and keeping Selika from tilting her head forward past level. Backwards and side-to-side motion were still possible, and of course required by the reins that controlled the pony's head.

The ponytail had not been inserted dry. Her driver, Eriol, had lubricated it with Selika's own juices by making her hump it while he turned it to get it sufficiently wet. While doing this, he brought her to the edge of orgasm at least six times in succession, each time cruelly forcing her to back herself off from the edge without actually doing anything himself to keep her from coming. What was worse, Selika, a sex slave who was kept in near-constant arousal and regularly used sexually, had not been allowed any orgasm at all for over a month!

Such sexual arousal and torment made the slave extremely submissive, and she had been in that state of mind the whole time she was in harness, dripping wet between her legs but made to move in the sprightly prancing gait that maximized the movement of her danglers, and thus, their erotic effects on her. Eriol knew that he could keep her like this all day if he wished, an idea he enjoyed.

However, while he certainly loved driving the gorgeous ponygirl, he had other plans that day. Having the slave-girl under his control like this was very exciting to him, especially when he thought of the sexual pleasure and torment he was putting her through. He had held her reins for over two hours now, directing her down paths and around obstacles, his crop ensuring she kept her form correct at all times.

He turned the blinded ponygirl just in time to avoid a tree stump that would have felled and injured her. She obeyed the reins instantly, unaware the stump was even there; that was why Eriol had waited so long before he turned her. That automatic, reflexive obedience could only come if she trusted her driver completely, which was the reason he had had to drive her for several years before his parents would let him take her out fully blindfolded. He remembered how impatient he was the whole time, but now that he recognized why they had made him wait, he was glad they had.

It had been over a year since he had first been allowed to take Selika, or any other ponygirl for that matter, out blindfolded, and in that time both driver and pony had become well used to each other, despite the slave's sexual distress. Eriol, though, had come of age the previous week, and had something special in mind on this day, something he had never done before.

He pulled back on the reins and brought the filly to a halt. He got out of the cart and unhitched the elf from it, but did not otherwise release her from her bondage. He turned her so her side was to the cart and made her kneel before him, her knees open. Then he pushed her onto her back, and she lay there, her legs splayed wide. Her pussy quivered as she realized what was about to happen to her. She heard him undoing his clothing, and then he was on top of her. He touched her between her legs and she gasped, knowing instinctively that it wasn't his hand that had touched her there. Quickly he drove into her already-soaked portal. The sheath opened to accept him and then tightened down on him pleasurably. He began to pump, the slave girl moaning underneath him.

Selika rocked her hips in sync with Eriol, feeling the pleasure build up within her. She knew what to expect, but hoped that this time would be different. She would be disappointed. With a final thrust, Eriol came into her and then stopped his motion. Selika groaned as she worked her internal muscles, drawing the last of him out. She whimpered pitifully as he withdrew from her.

This was nothing more than a slave , she knew. He had taken his pleasure of her but had given her no consideration, had not allowed her the desperately-needed release of orgasm. She ground her hips shamelessly at him, begging pathetically with her body. But she was a sex slave, a plaything, a mere toy for the amusement of others, and it did not interest him to reward her sexually right then. In fact, she knew, he quite enjoyed her predicament! Tears welled up and flowed from behind her blindfold. She sobbed in her bit-gag as Eriol pulled her back up to her knees without a word.

She felt him take her mane in hand, guessed that he was using her hair to clean off his organ since she couldn't use her mouth to do so. She continued to cry as he put his clothes back on and then stood her up to reattach her to the cart. When he climbed back into the carriage and flicked the reins, she started moving, but her posture was poor, her gait shuffling.

Whack! The long crop hit her naked backside hard. Selika yelped and immediately straightened up and started to lift her legs properly. She had to be, wanted to be, a perfect ponygirl no matter what.

An hour later, the two were back at the stable, Selika naked except for her piercing jewelry. She was standing with her legs spread wide, hands behind her head, as Eriol washed her down. "You did very well today, Selika," he commented as he rubbed the washcloth over her body. While Selika could certainly bathe herself, Eriol had been taught that cleaning and grooming the ponygirl himself was important for the trainer-pony relationship, and anyway he enjoyed doing it.

"Thank you, Master," she replied. Selika hesitated, then spoke again. "Master, may I ask a question?"

Eriol raised an eyebrow, but as he was cleaning her back at the time she couldn't see it. "Go ahead."

"Master…was that your first time?"

Eriol stopped and walked around in front of the elf. She realized the question was not unexpected. She swallowed uncomfortably as he looked straight into her eyes.

"You want to know if I just gave you my virginity," he stated.

The sex slave dropped her eyes. "Y-yes, my Lord," she stammered.

"Tell me about curiosity, slave."

"Curiosity is inappropriate in a slave, Master. Please forgive me."


"Then I beg your punishment, my Lord." She started to drop to her knees, but a gesture from Eriol stopped her. She resumed her position.

"Close your eyes," Eriol ordered.

"Yes, Master." She obeyed, and his hand came up and slapped her left breast. She yelped and recoiled, but quickly resumed her position, thrusting her breasts out for further punishment. "One," she recited.

Eriol struck her right breast, and proceeded to spank the slave's tits at irregular intervals, alternating right and left, while she counted the number of strikes. When the count reached twenty-four, with a dozen slaps to each side, he stopped and pressed his hand to her mouth, and she kissed it. Her breasts were by then red and inflamed, but the tit-spanking had ironically aroused her further. "Thank you, Master," she said.

Wordlessly Eriol continued to rub down the slave girl's body. Selika kept her eyes shut-she had not been given permission to reopen them-but smiled to herself. If he had not just given her his virginity, if that wasn't his first time, he would have told her so outright.

"You've been expecting it, haven't you?"


"How long have you been waiting for me to use you?" Eriol elaborated.

Selika gave an amused smile. "Master, I've been waiting for this day since the moment you were born," the elf answered. "I midwifed you."

Eriol paused. He had grown up with her in the household, knew what she was and how long she had been in the family. Still, the incongruities of a centuries-old elven slave girl in a human family could still startle him.

"Thanks a lot," he said sarcastically. "That's not the image I want in my mind, of the slave girl I just screwed being old enough to catch me as I came out of my mother's womb."

Selika laughed. "Oh, it's worse than that, Master," she teased. "Your father and grandfather both honored me with their virginities when they were your age."

Eriol groaned. "I think you enjoy being a family heirloom entirely too much," he accused good-naturedly.

"Oh, I don't know about that, my Lord," she replied. "They didn't let me come their first times, either."

"Glad to hear it. Now step over to the washbasin so I can get your hair."

"Yes, Master."

As Eriol washed the slave girl's luxuriant hair, he wondered if she had been as exasperating to his great grandfather when he had first acquired her a century ago. He hoped so.

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