sexyasianangel70 39F
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5/23/2006 5:56 pm

I am sitting in the lobby to a hotel in a high back chair. I have on a short sundress and strappy open toed sandals, my hair down, waiting patiently. I feel You grab a handful of my hair from the back of my neck and You tell me to stand up. My heart starts to immediately race. I stand up and i feel You come around the chair with my hair still wrapped in Your fist. You begin without speaking to walk me over to the elevator. You push the button and i feel Your breath on my neck. No one else can see Your hand wrapped in my hair because of the length of my hair. When the elevator opens i feel You push me inside still with hair in hand. You stand closest to the wall of the elevator and You pull me close and i feel Your cock rubbing against my ass so hard and throbbing. I can feel Your cunt getting soaked from all the excitement and feeling the intensity of the moment.

The elevator opens and You lead me out into the hall. Quickly walking we arrive at the room and You reach around again and open the door. For the first time You let go of my hair and push me forcefully into the room. I trip and almost immediately i feel You take my arm and press my face against the wall with Your arm across the back of my neck, Your whole body pressed behind me and Your other hand grabbing my hair pulling my face back to kiss You deeply. You begin to tell me what a slut i am, and a whore because You know i am completely excited. You start to tell me how badly i will be used and beaten in detail, as You rub Yourself against me. You take Your hand and rub it all over Your cunt and You feel how hot and wet it is. You spread my legs further apart with Your knees, and You literally scoop out some cum from Your cunt and rub it all over my face telling me to lick Your fingers clean like a nasty bitch would. I lap up the cum from Your fingers like a cat licking cream from a bowl, and You start kissing me again tasting Your sluts cum on her lips.

You then take Your belt off and wrap it around my neck looping it like a choker, and i feel Your cock force its way right into Your tight cunt, i scream out a bit, as i feel you fuck Your cunt and i immediately beg for You to let me cum… You tell me NO!! And i wince because i feel the power building and i do everything i can do to stop the explosion even though Your cock feels so good fucking Your wet horny cunt VERY hard now. You are pulling on this belt and You take Your cock out of Your cunt and quickly throw me face down to the bed. You take Your cane and ask me whose whore i am, i say i am Your whore and Your cane stings my ass sweetly, then another, and another never hitting the same place twice. I feel them on my back and my thighs, and my ass, the need for Your power becoming more intense. Begging You now for more, i become lost in Your touch the cum from Your cunt soaking the comforter below Us. My ass burning from Your cane, Your cunt burning for a release, i feel Your cock force itself deep into my ass and i feel such a sharp wonderful pain as You please Yourself by using my ass, long hard strokes in and out immediately no time for adjustments, my ass wrapped tight around Your cock and again i feel the burning in Your cunt to cum, and i scream out to please let Your slut cum for You, and tell You how badly i need to cum, because You have used Your slut so good and made her a dirty whore for Your pleasure.

You still refuse and Your cock is pounding my ass HARD as i feel You cum deep inside my ass. Then You have me roll over, and i feel Your fingers start to penetrate your cunt, first one then two, and the whole time You are telling me what a good whore i am for You as Your fist begins to penetrate Your cunt completely sucking it up to Your wrist. Then You tell me to cum, and Your cunt spasms all over your hand as You feel Your slut cumming all over You. You take Your hand out and let me lick it clean and You hold me, and kiss me and make me Your little girl again.

rm_leegs500 49M

5/23/2006 6:08 pm

whish i was there!!!

zorgnot2 61M

5/23/2006 8:06 pm

Very hot. A fair amount more forceful than I'd be but quite exciting if done willingly.

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