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mambo italiano

Joseph Fisher was an up and coming attorney in a prominent downtown law firm. His sharp mind and close attention to detail were assets that the partners admired. One day he would undoubtedly manage his own private practice, which was indeed his goal.

The late twenties single man also made the rounds in town, frequenting the most popular night spots. His smooth style and good looks made him very inviting to the opposite gender.

One particular evening he met a long legged foxy lady named Deidre, whose straight brown hair fell to her shoulders. Her willowy body fit snugly into a black soft leather cat suit. The plunging neckline showed off her ample bosom quite effectively and the matching pants clung to her shapely derriere while revealing her visible panty lines. While they were gyrating to the pulsating music it was all he could do to keep his eyes off her luscious form. They laughed, joked and danced the night away, but since it was the middle of the week and he had to be in court the next day, the tall brown haired man asked if she were free either Friday or Saturday night. When she assented to Friday, she willingly gave the handsome attorney her phone number.

That night when he was driving home, Joe smiled as he thought about Deidre. What a babe! He couldn’t get the sight of her out of his mind. Even in court the next day, while he sat there listening to testimony, images of her well sculpted body danced in his brain.

Friday proved to be a non productive day at the office because he won his case the previous day and he had no impending business that required his immediate attention. Consequently, he left early that day so he could get ready for that evening.

Thrashing around his apartment the rest of the afternoon, wishing that the hands on the clock could move faster, Joe was more nervous about this date than he was about any court case he’s ever had. True, there had been other women in his life, but none of them had quite the potent effect that this lady had.

Finally when the clock read 7PM Joe called the number she’d given him. His heart raced when he heard her husky voice. After exchanging pleasantries she informed him that she’d pick him up around 8:30 and for him to be standing out front. Feeling surprised over the unusual juxtaposition, he nevertheless agreed and gladly informed her of his address.

An hour and a half later Joe stood in front of the apartment building waiting for his date to pick him up when he spotted a long black sedan approaching the circular driveway. The back window rolled down as the sleek automobile pulled up. Seeing Deidre’s pretty face forced a smile across his own as he approached. She swung the back door open and his manhood took a leap as he saw her succulent body encased in the same leather cat suit lounging in back. When she beckoned for him to enter she moved over to give him room. His smile grew wider as he sat down and gave her a hug. She acted as if she were genuinely glad to see him.

Initially Joe was so elated that he hadn’t paid attention to whom was in the front seat. Since it was dark out he couldn’t really detect who it was, but one thing for sure is that if Deidre was in the back seat, somebody else was driving. He could see the back of the person’s head which was covered by a lot of auburn hair. That gave evidence to the fact that it could be a woman. In addition, he noticed a blonde head on the passenger’s side in front, and that too looked like it could be a woman. His detection proved accurate when the person in the passenger’s seat turned around just as the driver gunned the engine and moved out into heavy traffic. Joe frowned when the female held a gun in her hand as things suddenly turned sour. Then Deidre spoke. “Welcome Joe to our date.”

The suddenly alarmed attorney shot a meaningful glare at the lady next to him. “What the hell’s going on here?”

“That’s a tranquilizer gun she’s holding Joe and she will use if you don’t do what I say!”

“What the fuck! Let me out of here!” He blared as his eyes bulged.

“Out in the middle of this highway? I don’t think so Joe!” Deidre responded derisively as she eyeballed him smugly.

Joe’s voice rose. “Stop this fucking car now!” He shouted as he pounded his fist on the back of the front seat.

“Okay asshole, shut the fuck up or else!” the woman holding the gun warned. Slowly she put her finger on the trigger and aimed right at Joe’s chest.

“Whoa!” He blurted as he put his hands up. “What’s this all about?” He asked desperately.

Deidre regarded him fervently. “Well Joe, you asked me for a date and here I am.”

“But I didn’t expect this!”

A sneering smile ran across her face. “Surprise, surprise!”

His face flushed. “But this is crazy!”

“Do as I say Joe, or we’ll tranquilize you and have our way with you anyway. So make it easy on everybody. Take your shirt off Joe!”

The dark haired lawyer looked at her as if she had lost a screw.

Frustratingly, Deidre looked at her friend holding the gun.“Shoot the fucker!”

“Alright! Alright!” Joe pleaded as his fingers mindlessly began unbuttoning the front of his short sleeved dress shirt.

Deidre squinted authoritatively at him as the shirt parted. “Remove it and drop it on the floor!”

Once again the brown haired lady barked an order. “Undershirt!” That soon joined the other garment on the floor.

Her eyes roamed his bare upper body and she smiled like a minx. “Mmmm I like a man with a hairy chest Joe. I’m so glad you asked me for this date.”

Joe couldn’t believe this was happening. “Does she really have to point that gun at me?”

The foxy lady ignored his inquiry and gave him another under-pressure command. “Drop your pants!”

When he merely stared at her in further disbelief, Deidre merely said, “Jeannie!”

Spurred on by the threat of being tranquilized, Joe quickly unbuttoned his pants, unbuckled the belt and unzipped. He lifted his butt so he could push the gray material down to his ankles. When he pulled them off his feet, he was ordered to remove his shoes and socks, which left him clad only in his light blue skivvies.

Deidre snickered. “I was wondering whether you wore boxers or briefs Joe. I should’ve known a lawyer would wear briefs.” The other two ladies laughed out loud at her double meaning.

Trying to lighten the situation, Joe replied swiftly. “If you wanted to see my briefs, we could’ve done it a lot easier then this.”

“Yes but this way is much more fun,” she said as the driver whizzed the vehicle down the interstate. Joe had to admit that he’d never experienced anything like this before. Deidre continued as Jeannie pointed the gun. “But we’re not stopping yet. I want you naked Joe. Take’m down!”

Fearing that gun pointed at him, the hairy chested lawyer hooked his fingers in the waistband, once again lifted his butt and pushed the cotton undies to his ankles. “Yeah, now we’re getting somewhere!” Jeannie said with a wide grin. With his briefs now joining the pile on the floor, Joe sat in this big automobile totally naked with three women and he generally feared what their intentions were.

“Get those hands away big boy!” Deidre snarled. “We want to see that dick!”

“And spread those legs!” Jeannie demanded.

His date for the evening then cuffed his wrists behind his back with a pair of leather cuffs and ordered him to sit with his pelvis pushed forward in the seat. She knelt on the floor between his splayed thighs and looped a long piece of rope around both of his balls, pulled the ends tight and held the ends up. “Nothing like getting your date by the balls,” Jeannie said with a teeter. A black cloth blindfold was then put in place and to complete the ensemble, Deidre then balled up Joe’s discarded briefs and stuffed them in his mouth, gagging him. “This is how all my dates seem to wind up, bound and gagged, which is the way I like’em,” she said with a chuckle.

“Well I hope he’s better than that last dork we snagged. What a fucking wimp!” Jane complained with a sneer.

Deidre began liberally roaming her hands all over his muscular body. “Hey Jane, you’ll love this!” She boasted toward the driver. “Great pecs!”

“I’m anxious to see him but what about his cock. I do have high standards you know.”

“Janey baby,” Jeannie uttered giddily. “Looks like we’ve got quite a stud this time.”

That made Jane step on the gas a bit harder and soon she pulled the long black car off the main highway and drove along a narrow path that led deep into a wooded area. A mile later she stopped, turned off the engine and hopped out. Jeannie had already exited the passenger door and was holding the back door open on the right side.

Deidre passed the end of Joe’s ball rope to Jeannie, who gave it a tug, which in turn forced their prey to exit the vehicle. This was Jane’s first chance at seeing his naked body and she gave a whistle when she saw his manhood. “Deidre baby, I think you’ve outdone yourself,” she said as she ran her fingers up and down the shaft.

“This is going to be such fun!” the blonde haired Jeannie chimed in as she joined in the cock fondling.

“Well let’s get our stud muffin here in the house where we can examine him more closely,” said Deidre.

Unseeing, with his wrists bound behind him, Joe Fisher was led literally by his balls toward the front door of this old countrified bungalow the ladies had discovered a few years ago when they were out exploring. The three single females, who were all in their mid twenties, fixed the place up so well that they called it their second home. Curtains adorned the windows and flowers decorated the inside. A small kitchen complete with a sink, a microwave oven and a miniature refrigerator made life here more than tolerable. The bathroom had a commode and a sink.

The main part of the house, however, consisted of one large room. In that room which had a freshly refurbished wooden floor, the ladies, who were all into bdsm, had filled it with bondage and discipline devices. A wooden spanking horse, a set of chains hanging from the ceiling, a wooden table with stirrups hanging over it, a rack and a special contraption the ladies called their “fucking machine” were placed all around the vast rustic room.

Deidre chuckled at the sight of her date for the evening being tugged along by his balls. “Bet you didn’t think you’d end up like this big boy, huh?”

“Yes but Dei,” Jane added with a glint in her eye as she unlocked the front door to the cabin. “Isn’t it every man’s fantasy to be kidnaped by three sexy ladies?”

Jeannie nodded. “He’s probably loving every second of this.”

Once inside a decision had to be made as to which device they’d start with. “Okay Jeannie, lead him to the examining table. We must inspect him closely,” said Deidre.

Joe was led to a sturdy oaken table where he was made to lie on his back. His upper torso rested on the smooth flat surface and his wrists were placed into sturdy leather loops and secured snugly in the upper corners of the table. His legs that dangled toward the floor, were lifted up so that each of his ankles could be inserted into the a hanging leather stirrup. This position left the handsome, virile victim totally open and at the mercy of his captors.

“Oh yeah!” Jeannie cheered as she fingered his drooping exposed manhood which instantly rose to full attention from the tantalizing feel. “I think he does like this. We might have to measure this big boy here!” She said as she ran her fingers over the sensitive head.

“I might even let him fuck me with that thing!” Deidre agreed as she picked up another piece of rope. She looped it around the head of his cock and pulled the ends taut. She then tied the loose ends around a chain hanging which made Joe’s cock stick straight up between his thighs.

“Now we have all his appendages secured,” Jane said with a guffaw.

Deidre then put on a pair of rubber gloves. “Time for his anal exam,” she said with a wink. Since his ass cheeks were conveniently parted it was extremely easy for her to penetrate his asshole with her middle finger. He took it pretty well actually, but since he was still gagged he couldn’t protest much anyway. But then she removed her finger and picked up a butt plug, which was quite a bit thicker than her finger. He grimaced as she slowly inserted it. “You’ll thank me for this later,” she said with a leer.

Jane snarled down at their now plugged up pawn. “His ass is much too pale.” She then walked over to the wall where all kinds of paddles, whips and other as sundry implements hung. Removing a wide shiny wooden paddle from it’s hook, she strolled nonchalantly back to where his pasty masculine butt was suspended. “He needs some color on his behind!”

“Go for it Janey baby!” Deidre encouraged the red head as she sat down and watched.

“Redden his ass!” Jeannie egged on.

Fifty heavy swats later Joe, the lawyer, was writhing on the table and bellowing into the gag with his derriere considerably redder.

“Now that’s more like it. I like my dates to have red asses like that!” Deidre said with derision dripping from her voice.

Having gotten herself a bit winded, Jane returned the paddle to it’s place, but then the blonde haired Jeannie spoke up. “But look at those lily white thighs. I think they need some color too!”

Deidre’s eyes lit up. “Aw yeah baby, let’s see ya change that.”

Jeannie ambled over to the wall and looked up. Taking down a short, ten strand flogger, she returned and took a position in front of their trussed up submissive. Since he couldn’t see, Joe had no idea what was coming, but when the lashes landed on the inside of his right thigh, a yelp was forced into his gag. A red stripe appeared immediately. A matching slash on his left inner thigh produced the identical reaction. “Isn’t this fun!” Jeannie boasted as she continued the assault back and forth on Joe’s tender inner thighs. He gritted his teeth and squirmed until she mercifully ceased. By the time she’d finished she had indeed turned the suffering man’s thighs from pale to crimson.

Then it was Deidre’s turn. When Jeannie replaced the flogger back in it’s place, the brown haired date of the evening took down a foot long whip, which only had six strands on it. She smiled lasciviously as she strolled over to where Joe’s legs were suspended. Joe’s stretched out cock, which amazingly was still hard, hung there invitingly. Teasingly Deidre dragged the soft tails of the whip up his shaft to the head, which drew a pleasurable gasp from his lips. She then grasped the handle firmly and raised the implement over her head. Snapping her wrist she brought all six strands down hard onto the head of his cock. “Yeah baby!” Jane cheered at Joe’s muted bellow. Deidre then sneered down at her blindfolded man of the evening. “Ever had your dick whipped on a date before dickhead?” She asked mockingly. She accented her words with another slash to his vulnerable hanging cock, this time catching the shaft. He yelped pleadingly into his gag, but the lady paid him no mind as she rained slash after slash. The dominatrix was such an expert flagellator ,however, that none of them broke the skin, but the man was in total agony. By the time Deidre had finished Joe’s manhood sported a lot of red stripes as sweat poured from his brow.

“Okay what’s next ladies?” Deidre inquired with a raised eyebrow as she hung up the whip.

“I wanna fuck him!” Jane declared.

“Me too...but I want my pussy sucked too!” Jeannie added.

I wonder if he’s a good cunt lapper?” Jane asked deadpan.

“We’re gonna find out soon,”assured Deidre.

“Hey, why don’t we put him on the rack. I think he could use some stretching,” Jane suggested.

Jeannie’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, let’s do it.”

Deidre then unhooked him from the table, tugged on his ball rope and forced their now freshly spanked and whipped slave over to the rack. They made him lie on his back and secured his hands and feet to strong leather loops in each corner of the flat surface. Deidre then looked at Jane. “Would you please do the honors and turn the crank baby?”

“Sure baby,” the red head replied as she came over and gave her friend a tongue tangling kiss.

“You better stop that,” Deidre panted as the kiss was broken. “You’ll make me forget all about my date.” She cooed while looking into Jane’s eyes.

Jane sneered down at the stretched out man. “Fuck him! We don’t need the asshole!”

“You’re so right sweetie,” Deidre said with a husky voice...Then she laughed in a bratty tone. “But come to think of it, we are gonna fuck him.”

“Yeah, but for now, stretch him out!” said Jeannie anxiously.

Jane did just that by turning the crank. Joe could feel his body being pulled in two different directions. Slowly his arms and legs were being drawn taut.

“How do like that Joe? This is a great date. At least I’m having a good time Joe,” Deidre needled.

“Oh I have an idea,” Jeannie blurted. She procured a canvas bag from the kitchen. “Look what I’ve got here,” she smiled crookedly as she dumped out the contents, which were colored wooden clothes pins.

“Oh I liked the way you think,” Deidre complimented her friend.

“Yeah, let’s decorate your date,” Jane added with a wry smile.

“Okay, but give the crank another turn. He’s not stretched out far enough,” Deidre suggested.

“Coming right up,” Jane assented as she did just that. Joe groaned painfully as he felt himself being stretched even tighter.

Each of the ladies then picked up a handful of assorted colored clothes pins. One on each nipple, a few on the loose folds of his tummy, and a few on the insides of his thighs had him glowing. Some were placed down the sides of his shaft, a few around the rim of his cock head, one was placed directly on top near his pee hole and a few were added to his ball sac.

The ladies stepped back and admired their handiwork. “Aw, doesn’t he look cute,” Jeannie said sarcastically. Joe was sweating profusely from this treatment.

“He could be the best date I’ve ever had,” Deidre boasted while pinching the clothes pin that was attached to his right nipple, which predictably caused a painful yelp into the gag. Each of the ladies tormented him by pressing down on the pegs on his body. Joe was in utter agony.

Deidre then strolled once again over to the pegboard that held up their toys. She took down the riding crop. It was about three feet long and black. Her two compatriots knew what she was going to do. They’d seen this act before and their eyes lit up. She stood over the supine body of Joe, her date. “Time to remove the clothes pins,” she taunted. With that, she whipped off one of the ones attached to his tummy with the narrow head of the crop and it flew across the room. He yelped, then another pin was whipped off, followed by another painful yelp. One by one, the wooden clothes pins flew across the room until the only ones left were on his nipples, cock and ball sac. “Are we having fun yet Joe?” she needled as he laid there in complete agony. Then in one motion she whipped the one off his left nipple, which produced the loudest yelp yet.

Then Jane suggested sadistically. “Why don’t we take his gag out. I want to hear him holler.”

“Right, hell there’s nobody around here for miles. Let him scream bloody murder. It’ll be music to my ears.” Jeannie commented.

“Please, no more!” He begged once his mouth was free.

“Another fucking wimp!” Jane snarled.

But before he could utter another word, the clothes pin on his right nipple was also whipped off. The shooting achiness had him squirming.

Then Diedre looked at Jane. “Give him another crank!”

“No! Please! No more!” He pleaded. But his protests went unheeded. Jane walked over to the crank and gave it another turn. He didn’t think he could be stretched any further, but to his chagrin he was wrong. His arms and legs felt like they would come out of their sockets but he held on.

Then without warning Deidre whipped one of the clothes pins from his ball sac. His shriek could’ve awakened the dead. His nostrils flared and he begged for mercy. For his trouble another clothes pin was whipped from his sac. His screams and shrieks continued as the lady proceeded to whip off the last two from his sensitive area. That left the ones on his cock. Four down each side of his shaft, the four around his cock head and the one directly on the head added to thirteen. Surely she wouldn’t whip them all off!

But that’s exactly what she did. One by one she knocked them off of his manhood causing considerable consternation and torment. It was the most agonizingly painful thing that had ever been done to him. His shrieks filled the room and the ladies reveled in his misery.

“Only one more to go Joe!” Deidre taunted. His pleadings had done him no good as he waited for the inevitable. She didn’t disappoint him either. With one swipe, the wooden pin went flying across the room to join the others. The intense dread was soon joined by the feeling that there were no more clothes pins, but his final shriek was even more dire than all the rest.

Mercifully, the ladies finally let Joe off of the rack, but they were far from done with him. Once again he was led by his balls, this time over to the “fucking machine.” They had him lie on his stomach while straddling this thing that resembled a beer keg on it’s side. His butt touched the end while his hands were tethered to the sides with strong ropes.

From his position he heard a click. It was Jeannie who pushed the button on the side that caused a ten inch plastic dildo to pop up and aim directly at the fuckee’s anus. In the meantime, Jane had stripped naked and took a seat on a chair facing Joe’s face. Even though he was blindfolded he could feel something hairy tickle his nose. It was actually Jane’s pubic hair. Deidre meanwhile stood over Joe and spread his ass cheeks so the dildo could make contact. It did just that at the same time Jane grabbed Joe by the hair and forced his face to her crotch. “Eat my cunt slaveboy!” She sneered. Jeannie by now had activated the fuck button on the machine and the smooth dildo slowly began penetrating Joe’s asshole.

Deidre looked down at him. “Aren’t you glad I made you take that butt plug Joe. It widened your ass. Wasn’t that thoughtful of me?”

The brown haired lawyer grimaced as the steady pressure infiltrated his butt hole. The bulbous head of the phallus resolutely pushed past his sphincter until all ten inches were inside...”Get that tongue in there asshole...lick my clit!” Jeannie cried out as she shoved his face into her crotch...The dildo was then completely withdrawn from his ass, only to be forced back in to the hilt in one quick motion. He gasped at the sudden intrusion as he lapped Jeannie’s clit. Once again the plastic cock was withdrawn and once gain buried fully immediately. Joe’s asshole was repeatedly fucked faster and faster as he continued to suck the lady’s pussy. He bellowed and sucked simultaneously.

“You will keep getting fucked until she comes Joe, so I’d suck fast if I were you,” Deidre advised.

“What a sight!” Jane commented. “I’m getting wet watching this. I hope she comes soon.”

Deidre smiled knowingly at her friend. “Janey baby, he’s going to be lapping your cunt next, unless you want me to do it.”

“Ooh Dei baby, you know I like the way you suck my cunt, but we don’t have Joe around every day. I can wait, but not for long...Come on Joe you cunt lapper, suck her faster!”
Finally Jeannie let out a passionate scream and she flopped on the floor to enjoy her wonderful aftermath, so Jane could take her place. The natural red head hungrily spread her thighs and jammed his face into her crotch. Deidre then activated the fucking machine once again. As Joe’s asshole was reamed repeatedly he lapped furiously at the second lady’s cunt. Jane was so hot that it didn’t take long for her to erupt into a shrieking volcano.

After Jane laid on the floor to enjoy her aftermath, it was Deidre’s turn to sit in the chair with her crotch in Joe’s face. Jeannie did the honors of controlling the fucking machine. The dildo once again fucked Joe’s asshole repeatedly as he lapped and sucked his date’s pussy. Groans and moans competed for attention as the salacious scene played out until like the others, Deidre let out a prurient cry of pure pleasure.

Once Deidre had recovered from her wonderful aftermath, the ladies released their sore victim from the machine. Joe, who was by now totally spent, flopped on the floor, trying to recover from being violated and used.


An hour later the long black sedan pulled up to the circular driveway of Joe’s apartment building and the rear passenger side door opened. Jane hopped out of the driver’s seat and helped Jeannie and Deidre drag Joe’s hogtied naked body out of the car. Jane and Jeannie got back in the car as Deidre bid her date goodnight as she dropped his clothes on top of him After loosening the ropes so he could escape his bondage soon after they left, Deidre leaned down and kissed him on the cheek “Great date Joe. Call me again sometime!”

Soon the long, black sedan sped off.


The next day Joe called Deidre to thank her immensely for fulfilling one of his biggest fantasies.

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